Who makes the best electric trolling motor?

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Top 15 Best Trolling Motors for 2020 : Reviews By An Expert
Name Our Rating
Minn Kota Endura Max in Shaft Thrust Trans Mount Trolling Motor 4.5 out of 5
Newport Vessels NV-Series Thrust Saltwater Electric Trolling Motor 4.5 out of 5
Cloud Mountain Saltwater Transom Mounted Electric Trolling Motor 4 out of 5

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Then, who makes the best trolling motors?

The 5 Top-Rated Trolling Motors

Editor's Picks Brand Rating
Best Overall Minn Kota Endura C2 30 Freshwater Transom Mounted Trolling Motor (30" Shaft) 4.6
Runner Up Newport Vessels 55 Pound Thrust 8 Speed Electric Trolling Motor 4.4
Best Budget Buy Coleman 12V Electric Trolling Motor 3.6

Furthermore, are Haswing trolling motors any good? The Haswing Cayman is one of the best remote controlled trolling motors available. There are few trolling motors in the market that can match the thrust, voltage, shaft, speed settings, and be within a good price range at the same time.

Simply so, what is the most powerful 12 volt trolling motor?

As far as I can tell, the Minn Kota Endura MAX 55 lb is the strongest thrust 12 volt troller made.

Who makes Newport vessels trolling motors?

Newport Vessels NV Series 55lb thrust electric trolling motor differs in many ways from our main competitors comparable model motors such as Minn Kota and Motorguide. Both brands make comparable motors as far as thrust power goes, but Newport Vessels offers more great features at a lower cost.

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How long can you run a trolling motor on a battery?

If you use the trolling motor for 6 hours at average 50% load of 20 amps, the trolling motor will then require a battery load of 120 Ah. (6 hours X 20 amps=120 amp hours). A battery bank of a 240 Ah capacity rating selected as deep cycling should be kept to 50% to ensure maximum battery life.

Which is better Minn Kota or MotorGuide?

Features Comparison. Minn Kota clearly is ahead of MotorGuide when it comes to offering a more advanced and robust feature set on their trolling motors. For years, Minn Kota has offered GPS technology, a feature only recently available on MotorGuide motors.

How do I choose the right size trolling motor?

To determine the right length for your boat, measure the distance from where the shaft is mounted on the deck or the transom to the water. Then add 16" (for MotorGuide) or 20" (for Minn Kota) and select the next closest measurement.

How many HP is a pound of thrust?

Re: lbs thrust to english horsepower
Power is force times velocity. One horsepower is 550 foot-pounds per second. So at 550 feet per second (375mph), each pound of thrust is one horsepower. At 825 feet per second (560mph), each pound of thrust is 1.5 horsepower.

What's the best battery for a trolling motor?

Best Trolling Motor Batteries
  • 1: Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop.
  • 2: Interstate Batteries AGM Deep Cycle Battery.
  • 3: Mighty Max Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor.
  • 4: VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery.
  • 5: WindyNation 12V 100 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle VRLA Battery.

Can a freshwater trolling motor be used in saltwater?

Yes a freshwater trolling motor can be used in saltwater; however, you must protect you trolling motor from corrosion.

What is the best electric motor for boat?

The Best Electric Boat Motors:
  • Minn Kota Endura C2 30 ($99)
  • Minn Kota Endura C2 55 ($257)
  • MotorGuide VariMAX V55 – Freshwater, Pontoon Mount ($414)
  • Torqeedo Travel 1003 ($1,999)

What size electric motor do I need for my boat?

Trolling Motor Thrust Guide
Boat Weight (lbs) 1,500 4,000
Boat Length 14-16' 21'
Minimum Thrust 55 80
Performance Thrust* 55 112
Motor Voltage 12v 24v

How much thrust do I need for a canoe trolling motor?

Canoe size
For most canoes, a 55-lb thrust motor will provide more than enough power to haul a fully loaded boat. Smaller 30-40 lb thrust motors will work fine for smaller loads, plus they'll drain your battery at a slower rate.

Can you run a trolling motor out of water?

Your motor is cooled by the water around it, while running it out of the water for a very short time would be OK, it would take a long time to drain the battery much running the motor out of the water with no load. Why risk damaging a very expensive TM to just drain the battery down.

What's the difference between 12 volt and 24 volt trolling motors?

A 12-volt trolling motor is the most inexpensive and easiest to run. It does, however, lack the staying power and thrust that the other two provide. A 24- or 36-volt system will allow the angler to fish longer periods out on the water, as they draw lower amps while providing increased thrust for more power.

How deep should a trolling motor be in the water?

The rule of thumb is that the top of the motor section should be submerged 12".

Do I need a trolling motor?

Why You Should Have a Trolling Motor on Your Boat. Trolling motors are the perfect tool to move and maneuver your boat when you don't want to start your boat's loud outboard engine. Often mounted at the bow or transom, trolling motors are battery powered and controlled via hand, foot pedal or remote control.

What size Minn Kota do I need?

General rule of thumb: you need at least 2 lbs. of thrust for every 100 lbs. of fully-loaded boat weight (people and gear included). If things like wind or current are major factors where you fish, you'll want a little extra thrust.

Where are Haswing trolling motors made?

HASWING is establishing a new standard in how electric trolling motors are made. While their factory for production is in China to help keep costs down, HASWING controls all aspect of design and assembly from start to finish.