Who makes greenworks equipment?

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Greenworks Tools brand is founded to market industry leading lithium-ion technology and outdoor power equipment produced by parent company Globe Tools Group.

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Consequently, are Greenworks products any good?

The specs and features of each tool is great, and SO much better than gas. :) One battery to power them all, quick charging, long runtimes, powerful and quiet. I've really enjoyed these Greenworks electric lawn, garden, and yard tools, and highly recommend you check them out.

Beside above, is greenworks and Kobalt the same company? Greenworks and Kobalt are both sold at Lowes. Kobalt tools brand is owned by Lowe's but contains tools made by many different companies. Greenworks 80V and Kobalt 80V yard tools are made by Global Tools using the same design, with slight branding changes.

Also, is Ryobi and greenworks the same company?

Both Greenworks and Ryobi are well known, and popular brands of battery powered power tools. Greenworks is a relatively new company, and they were incorporated in 2007 by Globe Tool Group to bring Globe's new lithium-ion battery powered tool to market.

Are ego and greenworks the same company?

So we found it weird that even though GreenWorks and EGO are both great brands, they published two self propelled mowers of relatively the same performance, yet the EGO is like $200 more expensive than the GreenWorks self propelled mower.

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Where are Greenworks products made?

Globe Tools is a supplier of cordless and corded electric power tools to customers in North America and Europe. The company's U.S. distribution headquarters for GreenWorks Tools is based in Mooresville, North Carolina, just north of Charlotte. Globe Tools' manufacturing operations are in Changzhou, China.

Are greenworks lawn mowers good?

Greenworks did a nice job with their new mower. It's easy to push, maneuvers well, and has the power to handle maintenance cutting with ease. While there are other cordless mowers out there that may be lighter weight, have more power, a lower price, or more features, this is a nice balance somewhere in the middle.

Which is better greenworks or Kobalt?

Kobalt 80V mower comes with 2 2Ah batteries. The Greenworks Pro 80 Volts mower has more variation in battery selections. If you have thick grass, this choice is especially important for you. The batteries of both Kobalt and Greenworks tend to drain faster in tall or thick grass.

How long has greenworks been in business?

Greenworks was founded 10 years ago in Canada by Yin Chen, the visionary behind converting outdoor power equipment to battery. Chen remains the company's CEO and majority shareholder. Now the company is “a leader in connecting law and garden equipment to battery power,” Chen says.

How long do greenworks batteries last?

The innovative GMAX 40V Lithium-Ion Battery delivers high performance and efficiency among all GreenWorks GMAX tools. A quick charge time of 60 minutes for a 2 AH battery and 120 minutes for a 4 AH battery making the NEW GreenWorks GMAX Series of lawn tools a great option when looking to replace gas powered products.

Are greenworks and Ryobi 40v batteries interchangeable?

Are the greenworks and ryobi 40v batteries interchangeable? Hello Michael, No, they are not interchangeable. The Greenworks G-Max 40v units are interchangeable within the G-Max 40v line.

Can you use a 40v battery in a 20v tool?

No, not without intervening circuitry to step down the voltage to 20 volts. You can generally use a higher capacity battery (that is one with more amp hours and thus run time) but the battery itself has to be 20 volts. Higher voltages will destroy the tool.

Which is better ego or greenworks?

EGO vs Greenworks mowers
EGO batteries are compatible with all EGO yard tools, whereas the Greenworks batteries are only compatible with some other Greenworks tools. The EGO mower has a slightly larger cut height adjustment range than the 25302, i.e it can be set to cut lower or higher than the Greenworks mower.

Which is better Ryobi or ego?

Overall. Both the EGO and Ryobi mowers have their customer base. EGO has better build quality and much more run-time with a great charge time. Not everyone needs the run-time, so if you live in the city with a very small yard, the Ryobi mower will work for you with a single battery.

What are the best battery powered garden tools?

The best electric garden tools for every job
  1. Greenworks G40LM35K2X. The best cordless lawnmower.
  2. Robomow RS635. The best robot mower.
  3. Gtech ST20. Best cordless strimmer.
  4. Stihl HSA56. The best hedge trimmer.
  5. Ryobi OBL1820S. Best cordless leaf blower.
  6. Bosch AXT 25 TC.
  7. Greenworks GD40CS40.
  8. Worx WG163.

Are all Greenworks 40v batteries interchangeable?

Greenworks 29472 40V 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery and Greenworks 29462 40V 2.0Ah Li-Ion Battery compatible, Other models are not compatible.

Is Lowes replacing Kobalt with craftsman?

Although some Kobalt items will be replaced by Craftsman product, Lowe's continues to be committed to the Kobalt brand. We will continue to have a large selection of Kobalt items to purchase both in store and online.

Where are GreenWorks mowers made?

At its North American headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, Greenworks launched its latest in battery-powered equipment with its line of Lithium Ion zero-turn mowers.

What is the best rated electric lawn mower?

You'll find the Best Electric Lawn Mower on the Market Below
  • GreenWorks G-MAX PRO 80-Volt Cordless Electric Lawnmower.
  • Yard Force 120V 22-inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.
  • Snapper XD 82-Volt Self Propelled Cordless Electric Mower.
  • Snapper XD Mow 21-inch Cordless Lawn Mower.
  • EGO Power+ 20-inch Battery-Powered Cordless Mower.

What is the best electric lawn mower?

View the Best Electric Lawn Mower on the Market, Below.
  1. GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp 16-Inch Corded Lawn Mower.
  2. EGO Power+ Lawn Mower – 7.5Ah Battery and Charger Kit.
  3. American Lawn Mower Company 50514 14-Inch Lawn Mower.
  4. Sun Joe MJ401E 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower.
  5. BLACK+DECKER MTC220 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower.

How long do electric lawn mower batteries last?

They found that electric lawn mower batteries last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and can take as long as two hours to charge. Mowers that come with a backup battery earned higher scores as it means you can charge one while using the other, swapping them over as you need to.

Are battery powered lawn mowers any good?

The EGO electric lawn mower has more than 3,000 5-star reviews from users who say it's amazingly easy to use and store. Many say its runtime is much longer than other battery-powered products, and it can cut through thick grass better than expected.