Who is the nurse on Enema of the State?

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Janine Lindemulder

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Keeping this in view, how old is Enema of the State?

'Enema of the State' by blink-182 turns 20. What's YOUR age again? (CNN) Maybe you're feeling old (or young for some). Either way, blink-182's "Enema of the State" just turned 20 years old.

One may also ask, when was Enema of the State released? June 1, 1999

Similarly, it is asked, who is the nurse in What's My Age Again?


What album is all the small things on?

Enema of the State

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Why is Blink 182 called that?

The name Blink was thought up by Tom DeLonge when the band consisted of Tom, Mark, and their friend Scott Raynor (before Blink they called themselves Duck Tape). They were forced to change it because an Irish electronica artist was already using that name, so they added “182” to the end.

What's My Age Again in movies?

The song is featured in the film Loser. During the Honda Civic Tour, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker with their band +44 covered the song along with "The Rock Show" and "Dammit".

How old are the Blink 182 members?

Not so young anymore! Mark Hoppus is 42, while Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker are both 39. The band—sans Barker—was formed back in 1992.

When did the band Blink 182 start?


What is in an enema?

An enema is the introduction of liquid, most often mineral oil, through the anus and into the large intestine. An enema may be given to treat constipation,1? to administer medication or barium, or as part of the procedure to empty the contents of the bowel before a test (such as? a colonoscopy).

What high school did Blink 182 go to?

Rancho Bernardo High School

Why does Blink 182 not play Adam's Song?

As most blink-182 fans are aware, the band retired the iconic 1999 track 'Adam's Song' off Enema Of The State from their setlist after their close friend Adam Goldstein (better known as DJ AM) died of a drug overdose in 2009.

What's My Age Again video cast?

Cast (in credits order)
Blink-182 Blink-182
Thomas DeLonge Himself - Blink 182, Vocals & Guitar (as Blink 182)
Rick DeVoe Himself - Blink 182 Manager
John Forker Man in Front of Cafe
Mark Hoppus Himself - Blink 182, Vocals & Bass (as Blink 182)

What's My Age Again Wiki?

"What's My Age Again?" is a song by American rock band Blink-182. It was released in April 1999 as the lead single from the group's third studio album, Enema of the State (1999), and appears as the fifth track. The song hit number three in Italy and number 17 in the United Kingdom.

What genre is blink182?

Pop punk
Alternative rock
Punk rock
Skate punk

Is Blink 182 still a band?

Blink-182. Blink-182 is a popular California pop punk band formed in 1992. Currently, the band members are Mark Hoppus (bass, vocals), Travis Barker (drums), and Matt Skiba (guitar, vocals). After DeLonge quit the band in 2005, Hoppus and Barker suspended the band.

Is Blink 182 good?

It's because “Nobody likes you when you're 23” is actually a genius thing to say in a rock song. Blink-182 was secretly very good at telling a reflective story in two minutes. To this day these so-called cartoon-character pop songs reflect a beguiling amount of gravitas, and that's why they'll remain unavoidable.

Is Blink 182 still popular?

Though Blink-182 doesn't necessarily have the popularity level it did back in the early 2000s, it's still an active band with avid fans — and the group just released a sneak peak of their brand new single.

What is the best Blink 182 album?

Anyways, without actual further ado: the Blink-182 albums ranked.
  • #8 — NEIGHBORHOODS (2011) Favorite track: “Up All Night”
  • #7 — CHESHIRE CAT (1995)
  • #6 — NINE (2019)
  • #5 — CALIFORNIA (2016)
  • #4 — DUDE RANCH (1997)
  • #2 — BLINK-182 (2003)
  • #1 — ENEMA OF THE STATE (1999)

How did Blink 182 start?

Formation. Pop punk band Blink-182 was formed in Poway, California in 1992. Vocalist and bassist Mark Hoppus, vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Scott Raynor added 182 to their original name Blink after they were threatened with a lawsuit by an Irish band with the same moniker.

Do small things do great love?

“We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~ Mother Teresa.