Who is the Giants backup catcher?

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Susac finished the regular season with three home runs and 19 RBIs, batting . 273 in 35 games played. Susac was the Giants' backup catcher behind Buster Posey during the 2014 postseason. He appeared in four games, batting 1-for-4 (.

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Accordingly, who is Giants catcher?

Buster Posey Aramis Garcia

Subsequently, question is, who is the starting pitcher for the Giants? Team Pitching

Rk Pos Name
1 SP Madison Bumgarner*
2 SP Jeff Samardzija
3 SP Tyler Beede
4 SP Dereck Rodriguez

Also to know is, who is 58 on the SF Giants?

Trevor Gott

Who is Giants left fielder?

Hunter Pence Austin Slater

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Does Buster Posey have a child?

Lee Dempsey Posey
Addison Lynn Posey

Is Buster Posey married?

Kristen Posey
m. 2009

When did Buster Posey become a giant?

He was selected by the Giants with the fifth overall pick in the first round of the 2008 Major League Baseball draft. Posey made his major league debut on September 11, 2009.

Buster Posey
September 11, 2009, for the San Francisco Giants
MLB statistics (through 2019 season)
Batting average .302
Home runs 140

Where is Buster Posey today?

San Francisco Giants
#28 / Catcher

What is the Giants lineup today?

Starting Lineup
Pos Hitter Projection Projection Projection
RF Mike Yastrzemski M. Yastrzemski (L) 12.84 9.83 8.28
1B Brandon Belt B. Belt (L) 12.01 9.25 7.78
3B Evan Longoria E. Longoria (R) 10.82 8.36 6.98
C Buster Posey B. Posey (R) 10.94 8.37 7.03

How old is Buster Posey?

32 years (March 27, 1987)

Who is starting for Giants?

New York Giants Depth Chart
Starter 2nd 3rd
Daniel Jones Eli Manning Alex Tanney
Saquon Barkley Javorius Allen Wayne Gallman
Sterling Shepard Cody Latimer Cody Core
Golden Tate Russell Shepard Q Da'Mari Scott

How long is Buster Posey contract?

The Giants signed defending National League MVP Buster Posey to an eight-year, $159 million contract extension Friday that ties him up through 2021, including a full no-trade clause.

What is the 44 on Giants uniform?

— The Giants plan to have their players wear patches on their uniform sleeves this season to honor Hall of Famer Willie McCovey and owner Peter A. Magowan, who died during the offseason, Giants President Larry Baer said Sunday.

Who is number 6 on the Giants?

San Francisco Giants Roster
Jaylin Davis49 RF 190 lbs
Alex Dickerson8 LF 235 lbs
Steven Duggar6 CF 195 lbs
Joe McCarthy61 LF 215 lbs

Who is the youngest player on the SF Giants?

Logan Webb to become youngest Giants starter since Madison Bumgarner | NBCS Bay Area.

Who is number 7 on the Giants?

# Name Wt
41 Wilmer Flores 205lbs
10 Evan Longoria 215lbs
7 Donovan Solano 205lbs
45 Kean Wong 185lbs

Who is #5 on the Giants?

Down arrow icon Player Down arrow icon # Down arrow icon HT
Derrick Baity 35 6-3
C.J. Conrad 6-4
Jon Hilliman 28 5-11
Drew Scott 47

Who is number 2 on the Giants?

NO Player DOB (AGE)
37 J. Allen 8/27/1991 (28)
G. Aston 2/1/1996 (24)
26 S. Barkley 2/9/1997 (23)
22 W. Gallman Giants' Wayne Gallman: Ends 2019 on shaky ground Wayne Gallman Giants' Wayne Gallman: Ends 2019 on shaky ground 10/1/1994 (25)

What's the San Francisco Giants standing?

National League West W Away
Los AngelesLAD 106 47 - 34
ArizonaARI 85 41 - 40
San FranciscoSF 77 42 - 39
ColoradoCOL 71 28 - 53