Who is pumps on Sweet Home?

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Angie “Pumps” Sullivan. Angie “Pumps” Sullivan was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and was raised in Oklahoma City. An attorney by trade, she managed to find another eccentric in the profession, having worked for Josh Welch early in her career.

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People also ask, who is Angie pumps Sullivan ex husband?

Sweet Home star Jennifer Welch has a thriving interior design business, two great kids, and an awesome BFF, Angie “Pumps” Sullivan. She also has an ex-husband, Josh, with whom she still shares a house.

Furthermore, is Sweet Home coming back to Bravo? She's baaaaaack! Jennifer Welch, the lovable interior designer we first met in Sweet Home Oklahoma, is returning to Bravo when the all-new series Sweet Home premieres on Friday, November 2 at 10/9c.

Regarding this, was Sweet Home Cancelled?

"Sweet Home's" Jennifer Welch changed that mindset when she became the go-to choice for high-end, creative design vision. Last episode of Sweet Home on Bravo aired on December 22, 2018. For even more Sweet Home cancellation/renewal news, see here.

Is Lee Murphy on Sweet Home?

Jennifer's ex-husband Josh Welch is on the new series, as her best friend, Angie “Pumps” Sullivan, because they both fit into that world (Welch met Pumps while designing spaces for her). Of the four central cast members on the original, Lee Murphy is the one who isn't on the new series.

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Why is Angie called pumps?

They've been friends for 23 years, so when she hired Josh's wife, Jennifer, to do some interior design on her home, the whole group formed. Jennifer is actually the one who gave Angie her nickname — she used to call her "Angelina Pumpkintina" and the nickname "Pumps" stuck.

How old is Jennifer Welch?

Age 46 years old
Birthday & Zodiac
Birth Sign Leo
Birth Date August 7, 1973

Where did Jennifer Welch go to college?

The University of Oklahoma

Will there be a season 3 of Sweet Home?

Sweet Home Season 3: Premiere Date, Cast, Trailer, Spoilers & News. Sweet Home is an American reality TV program premiered on 20th March 2017. This series centers around three old friends who reside in Nichols Hills in Oklahoma. This unscripted series aired on March 2017 and ended on August 2017 on Bravo Network.

Where is Sweet Home filmed?

Although the film is set in Alabama, much of it was filmed in nearby Atlanta and Florida. The famous re-enactment scene was filmed at Georgia International Horse Park with additional scenes filmed in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood and at Berry College.

What network is sweet home on?


What channel is Sweet Home Oklahoma on?