Who is proof that Eminem talks about?

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DeShaun Dupree Holton (October 2, 1973 – April 11, 2006), known professionally as Proof, was an American rapper and actor from Detroit, Michigan. He was a close childhood friend of rapper Eminem, who lived in the same neighborhood, and was often a hype man at his concerts.

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Keeping this in consideration, how did proof die Eminem?

Proof, whose real name was Deshaun Holton, died early Tuesday morning after being shot in the head at a club on Detroit's Eight Mile Road, a thoroughfare he and Eminem made famous to rap fans. John Conner Creek, a clinic near the nightclub, according to Wende Berry, a St. John Health System spokeswoman.

Secondly, why did Eminem call proof Doody? It was his word for 'dude'; he used it mainly for Em'. It's not a nickname specifically for Em. Proof talks about his Dudeys in this song: My Dudey and also he calls 1st Born his Dudey in Black Wrist Bro's.

Then, is 8 Mile based on Eminem's real life?

The film follows white rapper B-Rabbit (Eminem) and his attempt to launch a career in a genre dominated by African-Americans. The title is derived from 8 Mile Road, the highway between the predominantly black city of Detroit and the largely white suburban communities to the north.

Are Eminem and Obie Trice still friends?

With the long passage of time in the chronicles of music release, one thing has remained the same, the relationship between Obie Trice, Eminem and Interscope Records. “Those are still my people over there at Interscope and Shady, that's family for life,” Obie Trice said.

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Who killed proof?

On April 11, 2006, Proof was shot three times by Mario Etheridge, once in the head and twice in the chest, after a dispute broke out during a game of billiards on 8 Mile Road in Detroit, Michigan.

Where did eminem die proof?

Eight Mile Road

Which one of Eminem's friends died?

DeShaun Dupree Holton

Who is Eminem's hype man?

Mr. Porter is now most notably seen as a hype man in Eminem's live shows, replacing fellow D12 member Proof who died in 2006.

When did Proof of d12 died?

April 11, 2006

Did toy soldiers die before proof?

In a case of life imitating art, Proof himself was shot and killed on April 11, 2006, after an altercation broke out at a nightclub in Detroit, Michigan. "In the year after [Proof] died," Eminem said in an interview. "I would stare at the ceiling and think about that video (Like Toy Soldiers).

Why did 50 cent leave Shady Records?

Of course, another big reason the split between 50 Cent and Shady/Aftermath/Interscope has been amicable is that all the labels involved have the same parent company (“If it wasn't all under the Universal umbrella, it wouldn't work,” 50 admits).

What happened to d12 and Eminem?

Since 2006, Eminem's hiatus and the death of Proof resulted in them being less active in subsequent years. On August 31, 2018, Eminem released a song titled "Stepping Stone" on his tenth studio album Kamikaze (2018) announcing that D12 has officially disbanded.

Is the shelter from 8 Mile real?

The Shelter is a music venue in Detroit, Michigan. It is located below Saint Andrew's Hall at 431 E. Congress St. A venue of the same name is featured in the film 8 Mile.

How dangerous is 8 Mile?

Along its most impoverished sections, Eight Mile Road has, for several decades, been a destitute, dangerous strip of suffering businesses and broken windows. It's still a main artery for commuters and area residents –more than 1,500 businesses call Eight Mile home.

Who wrote the raps in 8 Mile?

Eminem was undoubtedly the star of "8 Mile," but Craig G played a crucial part in the blockbuster film. The veteran Queens, N.Y., rapper and battle rap legend wrote and coordinated the lyrics (save Eminem's) for the acclaimed rap battles in the movie, which were among the best-received portions of the film.

Who is eminems dad?

Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr.

Is future in 8 Mile the real future?

Proof's Place as Eminem's 'Future'
In "8 Mile," Eminem's semi-autobiographical movie, Proof's life was loosely depicted by Mekhi Phifer's character, the rapper Future.

Why is Eminem on Oscars?

In the interview, Eminem also revealed why he skipped the 2003 Oscars, where he won best original song. At the time, the rapper didn't think the film Academy really understood his music, nor did he understand the best-original-song category. “I was blown back by the fact that I won,” he said.

Who wrote Lose Yourself?

Luis Resto
Jeff Bass

Where does Obie Trice live?

Obie Trice III was born and raised on the west side of Detroit, Michigan by his mother, along with three brothers. He is of African-American and distant German descent.