Who is Phillip in the Cay?

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In The Cay, the first-person narrator is Phillip Enright. Phillip is an eleven-year-old American boy living in the Dutch West Indies. When he is blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny cay, he goes from being helpless and afraid to being able to survive on his own.

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Thereof, how old is Phillip in the Cay?


Also, who is blind in the Cay? When Young Phillip is separated from his mother and found by a black man named Timothy and his cat Stewcat, Phillip becomes blind and they all end up on an island.

In this manner, who are the main characters in the book the cay?

Stew Cat Phillip Enright Timothy Father Mother

Is the book the cay a true story?

The Cay is based on a real story of a kid who was actually stranded and floated on the sea for a long time. 2. The Cay took only three weeks to complete!

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How did Philip get blind in the Cay?

Blindness. When our main character Phillip is thrown off the S.S. Hato in Chapter 3, a mast hits his head and he is left blind. Phillip's blindness sparks his personal transformation and functions as one of the book's most important metaphors.

How did Phillip change in the Cay?

When he is blinded and shipwrecked on a tiny cay, he goes from being helpless and afraid to being able to survive on his own. In his relationship with Timothy, he changes from being prejudiced and mistrustful to appreciating and valuing Timothy's friendship.

What happened to stew Cat in the Cay?

Stew Cat's Survival
The cay is hit by a terrible tempest, or tropical storm. Stew Cat survives by climbing a palm tree to get away from the wind and waves. After Timothy dies in the storm, Stew Cat is Phillip's only company on the cay. When Phillip is rescued, he takes Stew Cat with him.

Is the cay a movie?

The Cay (movie) The Cay is an American drama film based on the book, The Cay. It aired on NBC on October 21, 1974. This short article about movies can be made longer.

What is the SS Hato?

The S.S. Hato was a boat mainly used for cargo.

Does Timothy die in the Cay?

Timothy dies after being injured and losing consciousness during a storm. During a terrible storm, Timothy ties Phillip to a tree as the waves crash over them. Timothy uses himself as a shield, placing Phillip between his body and the tree.

How do you pronounce Cay?

Cay” is usually pronounced the same way (KEE), but some dictionaries give an alternate pronunciation, KAY. “Quay” was originally pronounced KEE, and that's still the preferred pronunciation (it was once spelled “key”).

Who is the antagonist in the Cay?

The antagonist: The hurricane , World war 2 , the german sub , and Phillip' s blindness. The hurricane is one of the antagonist because it made Phillip , Timothy , and stew cat and the Cay hard to survive.

What happens in the Cay?

He goes completely blind. The man, boy, and cat drift in the sea and finally happen upon a small cay (island). Timothy steers the raft to the island, even though Phillip wants to stay at sea (better chance of rescue, he thinks). On the island Timothy builds a hut and catches langosta (lobster) for the castaways to eat.

How big was the island in the Cay?

That's unfortunate in and of itself, but the island isn't exactly a lush paradise booming with enough resources to make life easier. The cay is small. It is about a mile long and a half mile wide with beautiful (The entire section contains 2 answers and 297 words.)

What awards did the Cay win?

Jane Addams Children's Book Award

Is there a sequel to the cay?

Timothy of the Cay

How many chapters is the Cay?

Summaries of chapters 1-8 of The Cay. The Cay summaries of chapters 9-14. What's found in chapters 15-19 of The Cay.

What is the setting of the book The Cay?

The Cay opens in February 1942 on the island of Curacao, then part of the Dutch West Indies. When Phillip is ship wrecked, the setting shifts to an unnamed cay deep in the Devil's Mouth, long U-shaped coral banks in the Caribbean.

What does the cay look like?

In the novel, the cay is a flat island surrounded by coral banks. The island is about one mile long and half a mile wide; it is shaped like a melon or a turtle. Timothy later tells Phillip that the hill will make a nice look-out for them, as it is forty feet from the sea.