Who is buying Triumph Aerospace?

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(NYSE:TGI) announced today the sale of Triumph Aviation Services – NAAS Division, Inc. (“NAAS”) to STS Aviation Group. The transaction is effective as of March 6, 2019. The division generated revenues of approximately $30 million in Triumph Group's 2018 fiscal year, ending on March 31, 2018.

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Then, who owns Triumph Aerospace?

In January 2014 the company sold its division Lee Aerospace back to its original founder, Jim Lee. Triumph had owned Lee Aerospace for 14 years. In December 2015, Triumph Group Inc. announced that Daniel J.

Subsequently, question is, who bought out triumph? Arlington Capital Partners has agreed to acquire the fabrications business of publicly-traded Triumph Group. Triumph Fabrications consists of four companies that manufacture, coat, and assemble complex sheet metal components for fixed wing and rotorcraft platforms.

Subsequently, one may also ask, who bought Triumph Aerostructures?

Most of the issues stemmed from the company's 2010 $1.4 billion purchase of the troubled Vought Aircraft Industries. The situation reached its nadir in early 2018 when SEC filings revealed that Triumph might let the operations go into bankruptcy.

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