Who is Brandon Awadis girlfriend?

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Girlfriend. Brandon Awadis has an interesting love life as his videos. He was in a relationship with Jackie Figueroa from 2015 to 2017.

Correspondingly, what is Brandon Awadis salary?

Brawadis Net Worth – $3.5 Million Brandon Awadis is the YouTube star popularly known as Brawadis online. He has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

Additionally, are Brandon and Jackie still together? No, he isn't. Previously, he was in the relationship with Instagram star Jackie Figueroa (born on August 18, 1996). They started their love life in the year 2015 and their dating life was the talk of the town.

In respect to this, who is Brandon Awadis?

Aspiring NBA analyst and avid fan of the Phoenix Suns basketball team who writes as the Phoenix Suns Team Manager for VAVEL. His Brawadis YouTube channel has earned over 4.1 million subscribers.

What team is Brandon Awadis on?

The Outlet: Brandon Awadis | Phoenix Suns.

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Who is the richest YouTuber?

Some of the Richest YouTubers Are Unfortunately Also the Most Controversial
  • Dude Perfect: $20 Million.
  • DanTDM: $18.5 Million.
  • Jeffree Star: $18 Million.
  • Markiplier: $17.5 Million.
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  • Logan Paul: $14.5 Million.

Is FaZe rug rich?

FaZe Rug Net Worth – $12 million
He has an estimated net worth of $12 million mostly earned through YouTube. Apart from posting Call Of Duty videos on his channel, he also posts pranking videos with a number of them going viral. He also posts vlogs on his channel which include his brother and his parents in the videos.

How old is FaZe Jarvis?

FaZe Jarvis is a 17-year-old gamer from Surrey. His real name is Jarvis Kaye.

Why is FaZe rug famous?

FaZe Rug first gained recognition for posting prank videos. His self-titled channel also features vlogs and Call of Duty videos. He is one of the first members to be in the FaZe Clan. He is also the most popular person in it.

Is FaZe rug Mexican?

Born on 19th November 1996, FaZe Rug's hometown is in San Diego, California. The 21 years old YouTube sensation was born as Brian Awadis and has a sibling brother named Brandon. He holds American citizenship and is of Asian-American ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Scorpio.

How much does PewDiePie make a day?

On an average day PewDiePie accumulates 2-4 million views per video on his YouTube channel. That's most than more YouTube channels will ever get in their lifetime. For the sake of this question, I will use 3 million views on a video as an example. Just for arguments sake, say PewDiePie earns $4 per 1,000 views.

Does FaZe rug live with parents?

Family Life
His parents, who are frequently referred to as Mama Rug and Papa Rug, are from Iraq. He has dated YouTuber Molly Eskam.

How old is Brawadi's girlfriend?

Jackie Figueroa, age 20, started dating Awadis in January 2016. The two have been public about their relationship since the very beginning, with Jackie Figueroa's Instagram showcasing photos of them since January 11, 2016.

How much does Brawadis earn per month?

Brandon started his YouTube channel on 3rd April 2015 with the total views of 500 million to date. His YouTube channel is Brawadis from which he makes almost $4,400 to $69,800 in a month. According to SocialBlade, his yearly income crosses over $600 thousand.

What language does Brawadis speak?

'Chaldean' YouTuber (Faze Rug) speaks Assyrian but labels the video "speaking Arabic" For those who don't know, Faze Rug (Brian Awadis) is a famous American of Chaldo-Assyrian descent from San Diego. His mother usually speaks the Chaldean dialect of Assyrian in his videos.

What kind of dog does Brandon Awadis have?

Cuervo, a beautiful 3 year old Husky, was taken to the vet just for a check up because he had suffered a seizure earlier that day.

How much does faze rug make a month?

Yearly, Faze Rug makes an estimated $3.5 Million from YouTube based on his monthly average of $290,000 per month. This revenue is before taxes.

Where is Brawadis parents from?

FaZe Rug was born as Brian Awadis in the city of San Diego in California, United States on November 19, 1996. His parents are from Iraq who had earlier immigrated to the United States. They are sometimes referred to as 'Mama Rug' and 'Papa Rug'.

How tall is faze apex?

Faze Apex is around five feet, nine inches.

How much is FaZe rug worth?

FaZe Rug is an American YouTube channel that has a net worth of $12 million dollars as of March 2020.

How tall is FaZe banks?

6 feet 5 inches

Is FaZe a Brawadis?

Brian Awadis, who is better known as FaZe Rug, has over 4 million fans who subscribe to his YouTube channel. His brother, Brandon, aka Brawadis, has 1.4 million fans. "We just like to treat our fans with a video every day.