Who is Bobby Van's wife?

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Elaine Joyce
m. 1968–1980
Diane Garrett
m. 1952–1966

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Keeping this in consideration, who is married to Elaine Joyce?

Neil Simon m. 1999–2018 John Levoff m. 1985–1992 Bobby Van m. 1968–1980

One may also ask, who is Bobby on Match Game? Bobby Van (born Robert Jack Stein, December 6, 1928-July 31, 1980) was an American Actor and Musician, known for his long-standing career on Broadway in the 1950s and 70s. He also appeared as a semi-regular panelist on the classic Game Show Match Game.

Similarly, what killed Bobby Van?

Brain Cancer

What happened to Elaine Joyce and Bobby Van?

Van married Broadway actress Elaine Joyce in 1968. Bobby and Elaine were finally married in Las Vegas on May 1, 1968. One week later, Van filed for an annulment stating "fraud, non-consummation" and that the "24 year old actress told him she wanted to have children but this was only to induce him into marriage".

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What is Elaine Joyce net worth?

Elaine Joyce net worth
The estimated net worth of Elaine Is $ 1.3 million, most of which was accrued from her acting career.

Who owns Bobby Van's Steakhouse?

Since purchasing the existing Bobby Van's restaurant in Bridgehampton from its eponymous owner, the singer and Broadway actor, in 1989, Smith has amassed eight highly successful Bobby Van's Steakhouse restaurants in New York City.

Who was Elaine on Match Game 74?

Elaine Joyce. Elaine Joyce (born Elaine Joyce Pinchot on December 19, 1945 in Kansas City, MO) is an American Actress in film, television & Broadway.

How old is Bobby Van?

51 years (1928–1980)

When did Bobby Van die?

July 31, 1980

Is Elaine Joyce still married to Neil Simon?

Joyce was married to television producer John Levoff from 1985 until their divorce in 1992. From September 1999 until his death in August 2018, she was married to playwright Neil Simon, who died on August 26, 2018, from complications of pneumonia after being on life-support while hospitalized for kidney failure.

How old is Elaine Joyce now?

74 years (December 19, 1945)

What did Elaine Joyce do for a living?


Is Bobby Van alive?

Deceased (1928–1980)

When was Bobby Van Born?

December 6, 1928

Was Bert Convy ever married?

Catherine Hills
m. 1991–1991
Anne Anderson
m. 1959–1990

How long was match game on the air?

“The Match Game” debuted on the last day of 1962 as a daytime series on NBC and ran for seven years. It was revived in 1973 on CBS for another six years and later ran in syndication.

How long was Jack Klugman and Brett Somers married?

She married actor Jack Klugman in 1953 and had two sons, Adam and David. Adam shares his July 11 birthday with Brett. Somers and Klugman were long reported to have separated in 1974 but remained legally married until her death.