Who is Bessie in Jane Eyre?

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Bessie Lee - The maid at Gateshead, Bessie is the only figure in Jane's childhood who regularly treats her kindly, telling her stories and singing her songs. Bessie later marries Robert Leaven, the Reeds' coachman.

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Also to know is, who is Abbott in Jane Eyre?

Miss Abbot is another servant at Gateshead. A teacher at Lowood, Miss Scatcherd frequently punishes Helen Burns. The headmistress of Lowood, Miss Temple serves as mother figure, mentor, and friend to Jane.

Subsequently, question is, is Mr Rochester the father of Adele? 3. Adele, Mr. Rochester's little French ward, might possibly his daughter, but, you know, her mom slept around, so he's not entertaining that notion very seriously. He'll be her benefactor, sure, but he will never ever be her dad.

People also ask, who is Hannah in Jane Eyre?

Hannah Rivers The elderly servant at Moor House. Hannah initially refuses to allow Jane to enter the house because she believes that Jane is a lower-class beggar. Jane chides her for her class prejudices, and the two eventually become good friends.

Why does Mrs Reed dislike Jane?

Reed hated her because Mr. Reed loved Jane and Jane's mother so much. She also can't forgive Jane for way that Jane spoke to her when Jane was only ten years old. Mrs.

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Is Adele Mr Rochester's child?

Adèle Varens - Jane's pupil at Thornfield, Adèle Varens is a lively though somewhat spoiled child from France. Rochester brought her to Thornfield after her mother, Celine, abandoned her. Although Celine was once Rochester's mistress, he does not believe himself to be Adèle's father.

How did Jane Eyre's parents die?

Not long after Jane was born, Jane's parents died from typhus, which Jane's father contracted while caring for the poor.

What happens to Bertha in Jane Eyre?

Despite not loving her, Rochester attempts to save Bertha from a fire she starts in the house when she again escapes. Bertha dies after throwing herself off the roof, leaving her husband free to marry Jane.

How does Mr Brocklehurst treat Jane?

Mr. Brocklehurst is the supervisor of Lowood, a boarding school for orphaned girls. He seems to get pleasure out of mistreating the young girls. He disregards their emotions and feelings, leaves them starving and cold, quite often humiliates them and tells them they are going to hell for their sins.

What hope does Mr Lockwood give Jane?

What hope does Mr. Lockwood give Jane? He asks her if she would like to go to school? Jane has found an inner resolve and an adult like strength, she is not intimated by either of them.

What Miss Temple teaches Jane?

Miss Temple, the teacher in charge of Lowood Institute, is the only person able to protect the girls at the school from the cruelty of Mr. Miss Temple gains Jane's loyalty forever when she takes steps to find out whether Jane really is a liar, as Mr. Brocklehurst and Mrs. Reed claim, or not.

What happened to Jane in the Red Room?

Jane Eyre is being raised by her Aunt Reed, after the death of her parents. Jane's mother's brother was Mr. Reed, who had died in the red room. When she tries to defend herself from the cruelty of her cousin, John, Jane is sent to the red room, as a punishment.

Why does Jane refuse to marry St John?

St. John wants Jane to marry him, move to India and become a missionary with him. He believes she would make a good missionary wife because of her character and commitment. He therefore decides not to act on any feelings he has for her and asks Jane to marry him.

What does Bertha represent in Jane Eyre?

Bertha Mason
Further, Bertha serves as a remnant and reminder of Rochester's youthful libertinism. Yet Bertha can also be interpreted as a symbol. Some critics have read her as a statement about the way Britain feared and psychologically “locked away” the other cultures it encountered at the height of its imperialism.

How did Jane Eyre's uncle died?

Jane Eyre, aged 10, lives with her maternal uncle's family, the Reeds, as a result of her uncle's dying wish. It is several years after her parents died of typhus. Mr. Reed, Jane's uncle, was the only member of the Reed family who was ever kind to Jane.

Why does Jane return to Thornfield?

Towards the end of the movie, Jane Eyre, she runs away from her fiancee's house after discovering he is already married. However, she returns after realising her love and inability to be without him.

Who sets the fire in Rochester's bedroom?

Rochester shows Bertha to Jane, a lawyer, and Bertha's brother and describes her condition. Bertha behaves like a wild animal and tries to bite Rochester's face. Bertha sets fire to Jane's old bed in the middle of the night and burns Thornfield down.

Does Jane Eyre marry?

Jane Eyre's marriage to Edward Rochester at the end of Charlotte Bronte's novel, Jane Eyre, is a romantic one, certainly. For, earlier in the novel, Jane has so happily accepted Mr. Rochester's proposal of marriage only to learn that he is already married.

How did Mr rivers die?

Several years ago, their father lost much money when a man he trusted went bankrupt, so Diana and Mary were forced to find work as governesses. Mr. Rivers died three weeks earlier of a stroke.

What did Helen teach Jane?

Helen is extremely intelligent, calm, and caring, but her most important aspect is her devout religious faith. If Jane Eyre were an allegory, Helen would basically be a walking version of the New Testament instructions to "turn the other cheek" and "bless them that curse you" and "love your enemies."

Why did Jane leave Mr Rochester?

Originally Answered: Why does Jane Ayre leave Rochester? Because Mr Rochester is already married. Yeah, she's crazy but to Jane the fact that Bertha is still alive makes her feel like she would only be his mistress. Shes right to want more, she wants to rightfully belong.

Why did Mr Rochester marry Bertha Mason?

Bertha Mason
Rochester discloses the identity of the woman locked in the attic of his Thornfield Hall as his wife after a thwarted attempt to marry Jane Eyre. Rochester was introduced to Mason when she was in her late twenties after he had traveled to the West Indies to court her.