Who drafted Yadier Molina?

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Yadier Molina. Draft: Drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals in the 4th round of the 2000 MLB June Amateur Draft from Ladislao Martinez HS (Vega Alta, Puerto Rico).

Regarding this, who has Yadier Molina played for?

St. Louis Cardinals #4 / Catcher

Beside above, who is Yadier Molina married to? Wanda Torres m. 2007

Keeping this in consideration, when did Yadier Molina get drafted?

2004 St. Louis Cardinals

What country is Yadier Molina from?

Puerto Rican

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Who is the oldest player in the MLB?

Leroy “Satchel” Paige holds the record for being the oldest Major League Baseball player ever. Paige played his last professional game when he was nearly 60 years old.

Who are the 3 Molina brothers in baseball?

Molina is the middle of three brothers (older brother Bengie and younger brother Yadier), all of whom have played catcher in Major League Baseball. They are the only three brothers in MLB history to all win World Series rings.

Why is Yadi called the goat?

Yadier Molina's Net Worth. The term GOAT (Greatest of All Time) is being thrown around a lot lately.

How many innings has Yadier Molina caught?

262 with 6 HR and a career best 62 RBI. His 122 hits ranked 2nd among NL catchers (McCann, 123) Was voted as the starting catcher for the National League All-Star team for the second consecutive season. Went 1-for-1 with a single and caught four innings

How good is Yadier Molina?

Yadier Molina is the greatest defensive catcher of his generation, and probably one of the top-three defensive catchers all-time. The only two catchers with more Gold Gloves than Yadi are hall of famers Johnny Bench and Ivan Rodriguez. His caught-stealing percentage and catcher-ERA numbers are also historically good.

Is Yadier Molina retiring?

St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina expects to retire after his contract runs out following the 2020 season, according to Jenifer Langosch of MLB.com. Molina has been one of the most consistent players in the majors over the past decade, earning All-Star appearances in eight of the last nine seasons.

How old is Molina?

37 years (July 13, 1982)

What position does Yadier Molina play?


What is the tattoo on Yadier Molina's neck?

"Yadier" is a Hebrew name meaning "Mutilates his own neck." Molina is generally regarded as the best defensive catcher in baseball, although it is unclear whether this is due to actual prowess, or fear on the part of experts that he will sneak into their bedrooms at night and tattoo their genitals with the Chinese

When did Molina join the Cardinals?

St. Louis Cardinals

Is Yadier Molina an American citizen?

In the American League, 6 of the 9 starters are American-born. On the NL bench, 10 of the 12 are American-born, though 2 of them are from Puerto Rico: St. Louis catcher Yadier Molina and NY Mets OF Carlos Beltran. Arizona officials may not be aware that Puerto Ricans are American citizens.

How much is Yadier Molina worth?

Yadier Molina Net Worth: Yadier Molina is a Puerto Rican professional baseball player who has a net worth of $45 million. Yadier Molina was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico in July 1982. He is a catcher who bats and throws right handed.

When did Yadier Molina get married?

2007 (Wanda Torres)

How many platinum gloves does yadier have?

Molina has now won three of the four NL Platinum Gloves ever presented. He took home the award in '11 and '12 before falling just percentage points behind Atlanta's Andrelton Simmons in '13.

What number is Yadier Molina?

St. Louis Cardinals / Catcher

How much does Yadier Molina get paid?

15 million USD (2015)