Where was George Jones born?

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Saratoga, TX

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Considering this, where did George Jones grow up?

George Glenn Jones was born on September 12, 1931, in Saratoga, Texas, and was raised in Colmesneil, Texas, with his brother and five sisters in the Big Thicket region of southeast Texas.

Subsequently, question is, what is George Jones real name? George Glenn Jones

Subsequently, one may also ask, when was George Jones born?

September 12, 1931

Where did George Jones live?

Jasper Franklin Beaumont

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Who is George Jones married to?

Nancy Sepulvado
m. 1983–2013
Tammy Wynette
m. 1969–1975
Shirley Ann Corley
m. 1954–1968
Dorothy Bonvillion
m. 1950–1951

What was George Jones worth?

He has a net worth of $35 Million. He is best known for his phrasing and distinctive voice, and the many hit records produced. Some people even claim that Jones is “The Greatest Living Country Singer”.

Did George Jones get a DUI on a lawn mower?

A drunken George Jones decided that his ten-horsepower lawn mower could get him to the liquor store, a 5mph vehicle for an 8 mile commute. The trip was apparently successful, and Jones discusses the incident in his autobiography, I Lived To Tell It All. An unknown length of his drunken commute was caught on film.

What was George Jones last words?

"God put me there to do a job, and I did it. "God told me, 'If you leave him, he's going to die,'" Nancy Jones adds. "And I said, 'You know what — you're too good of a man to let go to hell, and I'm not gonna let you do it. '

Did Tammy Wynette wear wigs?

Tammy was a big fan of wearing wigs. Her former hairstylist, Nanette England, opened up about Tammy's hair pieces in the new book, “Country Music Hair,” available now. She always had a wig on. It was never her hair.

How old was George Jones when died?

81 years (1931–2013)

Is George Jones dead?


Who sang White Lightning?

George Jones

Who influenced George Jones?

He was the undisputed successor of earlier natural geniuses such as Hank Williams and Lefty Frizzell—singers who, in turn, so heavily influenced him in his formative years. Jones launched his recording career in East Texas in the early 1950s, and at the start of the twenty-first century he was still going strong.

How many number 1 hits did George Jones have?

George Jones singles discography
George Jones discography
Music videos 21
Singles 134
Top 10 single 69
No.1 single 10

When did George Jones sing?

In the mid-'50s he had a brief fling with rockabilly, recording as Thumper Jones and as Hank Smith. But under his own name he was a country hit maker. He began singing at the Grand Ole Opry in 1956.

Who are George Jones sons?

Jeffrey Jones
Bryan Jones

What did Tammy Wynette die of?


Who was the country singer that just died?

Kylie Rae Harris, country singer, dies in car accident.

What killed George Jones?


Did George Jones and Tammy Wynette have a child?

Tamala Georgette Jones
Gwendolyn Lee Byrd
Jackie Daly
Tina Denise Byrd

What was George Jones biggest hit?

Track listing
No. Title Writer(s)
1. "A Picture of Me (Without You)" George Richey, Norro Wilson
2. "What My Woman Can't Do" George Jones, Earl Montgomery, Billy Sherrill
3. "The Grand Tour" Richey, Carmol Taylor, Wilson
4. "These Days (I Barely Get By)" Jones, Tammy Wynette