Where is the Garden Band from?

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Orange County, California, United States

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Besides, how old is the Garden Band?

Twins Wyatt and Fletcher Shears formed The Garden in 2011 aged 17 as a side project from MHV, but they left and pursued The Garden full time. Their name The Garden is a metaphor for their music "growing" and evolving.

Also, what genre is the garden? Experimental rock Art punk Punk rock

Keeping this in view, are Wyatt and Fletcher shears twins?

It consists of only two members, Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. They're twins, and yes, they're indistinguishable. Even though they make some of the best punk out there, their haute-couture appeal and well-chiseled cheekbones have stood out equally in their coverage so far.

Who sings in the Garden Band?

Fletcher Shears Wyatt Shears

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How old is Fletcher shears?

The Dos Equis guy has a cool accent and a virile beard and all, but Fletcher and Wyatt Shears, the 19-year-old twin brothers who make music as The Garden, definitely give him a run for his money in the "most intriguing men on the planet" department.

Who plays bass in the garden?

Fletcher Shears (left) : Together, we started our band, The Garden, in 2011, but we've been playing music since we were really little. It's a family thing, so we just started playing around with the instruments that were lying around the house—it's in our blood. I play drums and Wyatt plays bass and sings.