Where is John Boy and Billy located?

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Asheville, North Carolina

Likewise, how much money does John Boy and Billy make?

This from two small-town North Carolinians best known for talking about trailers, NASCAR and familiar characters such as Hoyt, Delbert, Mad Max and Sloopy. Overall, the show and various side businesses account for nearly $8 million in revenue annually, employing 20.

One may also ask, who does the voices on John Boy and Billy? Jeff Pillars is the best in the business. He is an extremely versatile actor who can make the most out of any script you put in front of him. I have used Jeff for four years for Diamonds Direct and other retailers.

Similarly one may ask, did John Boy and Billy retire?

Raiford didn't want people to know of his struggle. But in May, he quietly retired and on Thursday morning, hosts John Isley and Billy James broke the news to listeners that Raiford was done.

What happened to Robert Raiford?

On the June 9, 2016, episode of The John Boy and Billy Big Show, John Isley ("John Boy") announced that Raiford had retired from the show, due to suffering a stroke the previous August that greatly affected his speech and mobility. Raiford died on November 17, 2017 at age 89.

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Are John Boy and Billy still on the radio?

John Isley (born August 15, 1956) and Billy James (born August 31, 1957), known as John Boy & Billy are American radio hosts based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

John Boy and Billy.
Genre Talk, Comedy, Politics, Sports
Home station WRFX 99.7
Syndicates Premiere Networks

How old is John Boy and Billy?

Co-hosts: JohnJohn Boy” Isley, 61, and Billy James, 58.

Who is Tater on johnboy and Billy?

Marci Moran a.k.a. Tater
Marci Moran: Guest coordinator and entertainment news reporterthey call her "Tater"..we don't know why.

When did Robert D Raiford pass away?

November 17, 2017