Where does the spring go on a mower deck?

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the lift spring is the spring that attaches to the deck handle that lifts the deck up and down. i can see in the manual where to attach one side, but it does not give detail where to attach the small side. The lift assist spring will connect from the lever base connect point to the very rear of the tractor.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, how do you remove a Craftsman lawn mower deck?

How to Remove a Mower Deck From a Craftsman Lawnmower

  1. Place the blade engage, which is located in front of the steering wheel, into the off position.
  2. Move the deck height adjuster, which is located on the fender to the left of the driver's seat, to the lowest possible cutting height by pushing it to the floor.

Similarly, what is a side discharge chute? A discharge chute is the piece of plastic or metal that deflects grass to be discharged out and away from the mower.

In this regard, how do you remove the mower deck on a John Deere 345?

unhook the belt tension rod on left side of deck, remove drive belt, pull the pins out on the rear of each side of the deck, move deck forward to unhook the front hanging rod, pull out bracket on left side of tractor and pivot the front hanger and remove, turn tractor wheels to one side, and slide out the deck.

How do you install a John Deere side discharge chute?

Install Mower Discharge Chute

  1. Hold chute firmly on mower deck when installing. M47397.
  2. Install mower discharge chute to mower deck with two bolts (A) and lock nuts (B).
  3. Tighten nuts to 20 N·m (15 lb-ft).
  4. Check hinge action by opening and releasing the chute. The chute must spring back completely to the lowered position.

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How do you engage the blades on a Craftsman riding lawn mower?

Find the plunger at the top of the attachment lift lever. Press the plunger inward with your thumb, and move the attachment lift lever back, or toward you, to lower the cutting blade. Release the plunger and attachment lift lever. Pull the attachment clutch switch outward to "Engage" to make the cutting blade rotate.

How do you remove a Craftsman lawn mower deck?

How to Remove the Deck From the Craftsman YTS3000
  1. Park the mower on a flat, hard surface.
  2. Press the clutch/brake pedal down completely and set the parking brake.
  3. Disconnect the spark plug wire from the spark plug, located near the front of the engine.
  4. Move the attachment lever to the lowest position to lower the mower completely.

How do you adjust the deck on a Poulan Pro riding mower?

Raise the mower deck to its highest position. Measure for side-to-side adjustment by measuring at the midpoint of both sides of the mower from the bottom. The measurements should be within 1/4 inch of one another. To adjust the deck, tighten the lift-link adjustment nut on the side that needs to be raised.