Where does Southwest Airlines fly to in the United States?

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Country (State/Province) City Airport
United States (Florida) Fort Myers Southwest Florida International Airport
United States (Florida) Jacksonville Jacksonville International Airport
United States (Florida) Orlando Orlando International Airport
United States (Florida) Palm Beach Palm Beach International Airport

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Correspondingly, what US cities does Southwest fly to?

Southwest Hub

  • Chicago Midway International Airport, Chicago, IL.
  • Dallas Love Field, Dallas, TX.
  • William P Hobby Airport, Houston, TX.
  • Fort Lauderdale International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
  • New York City LaGuardia International Airport, Long Island MacArthur, and Newark Liberty International Airport, New York City, NY.

Furthermore, how many places does Southwest fly to? Southwest serves 102 destinations across the United States and 10 additional countries.

Considering this, does Southwest fly out of the United States?

Southwest Airlines carries more passengers within the United States than any other airline. Now it's looking to fly outside the U.S., including to destinations in South America.

Where does Southwest fly non stop?

Two of Southwest's new routes will come from its base at Houston Hobby, where daily non-stop service to Columbus, Ohio, and Louisville, Ky., will begin Oct. 3. Additionally, Southwest will add daily non-stop service between Denver and Memphis.

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Where are Southwest Airlines hubs?

Southwest operates crew bases at the following airports.
  • Atlanta.
  • Baltimore.
  • Chicago–Midway.
  • Dallas–Love.
  • Denver.
  • Houston–Hobby.
  • Las Vegas.
  • Los Angeles.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Europe?

Southwest Airlines does have a big presence at BWI, with more than 200 daily flights. But BWI is nearly 400 miles further from Europe than Boston. That means Southwest probably could fly the 737 MAX 8 from BWI to some popular leisure destinations like Reykjavik, Dublin, and Edinburgh.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Montana?

Even though Southwest does not currently serve any airports in the states of Montana, South Dakota, or Wyoming, Southwest does serve the extreme western portion of Montana through Spokane, Southwest does serves the southeast corner of South Dakota through Omaha, Southwest does serve the southwest corner of Wyoming

What countries does Southwest fly to?

Where Does Southwest Fly Internationally?
  • Aruba.
  • Belize City, Belize.
  • Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos, Mexico.
  • Cancun, Mexico.
  • Grand Cayman.
  • Havana, Cuba.
  • Liberia, Costa Rica.
  • Mexico City, Mexico.

Does Southwest fly to Savannah Ga?

Re: Adding flights to savannah ga
Savannah was previously served by AirTran, which merged with Southwest. Southwest closed the Savannah reservations center, a holdover from the AirTran days, back in 2013.

Does Southwest fly to Louisiana?

Airlines flying to Louisiana are listed here. Skyscanner allows you to find the cheapest flights to Louisiana (from hundreds of airlines including Delta, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines) without having to enter specific dates or even destinations, making it the best place to find cheap flights for your trip.

Does Southwest fly to Cozumel?

Southwest Adds New Flights to Cozumel, Mexico
Starting, March 7, 2020, Southwest will begin twice-daily service between Houston and Cozumel. The Southwest service will be a welcome addition for low-fare hunters. Flights to Cozumel have historically been extraordinarily high compared to other cities in Mexico.

Does Southwest fly to South Dakota?

Yes, the driving distance between Southwest Airlines to South Dakota is 833 miles. It takes approximately 13h 40m to drive from Southwest Airlines to South Dakota.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Puerto Vallarta?

Southwest Airlines is solidifying its position as San Diego's dominant air carrier with the announcement Monday that it is adding year-round nonstop flights to Puerto Vallarta, Newark and El Paso. The only other air carrier flying nonstop between San Diego and Puerto Vallarta is Alaska Airlines.

Which Caribbean islands does Southwest fly to?

You can get to the Nassau Airport in the Bahamas or San Jose in Costa Rica on nonstop flights from Baltimore/Washington Airport or to Montego Bay in Jamaica or Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic from Atlanta, BWI, Orlando, Chicago/Midway, and seasonal Saturdays from Milwaukee.

Does Southwest fly international flights?

Southwest International Destinations
Southwest Airlines travels to 14 destinations outside the United States, as well as Puerto Rico.

Does United fly to Spain?

United offers flights from Spain to over 340 destinations worldwide. United flights from Spain depart from Adolfo Suárez Madrid – Barajas Airport (MAD) and Barcelona – El Prat Airport (BCN).

Does Southwest Airlines fly to China?

U.S. carriers, Hawaiian Airlines (HA), and Southwest Airlines (LUV), which do not operate flights to or from China, said they had not modified their schedules due to the virus. “Rebooked flights must be scheduled for travel no later than April 19,” the company said.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Punta Cana?

Southwest Airlines, the nation's largest domestic carrier, begins flying outside of the borders of the U.S. on Tuesday, with flights to the Caribbean. The airline said it will add flights to Cancun and Los Cabos, Mexico, starting Aug. 10, and to Mexico City and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on Nov. 2.

Does Southwest Airlines fly to Aruba?

Aruba. Southwest Airlines has added a major new route to one of the Caribbean's hottest destinations. Southwest has officially launched its new daily nonstop service between Fort Lauderdale and Aruba, the newest addition to what has become a growing Caribbean network for the carrier.

What countries does American Airlines fly to?

List of American Airlines destinations
Country (Province/State) City Airport
Japan Osaka Kansai International Airport
Tokyo Haneda Airport
Narita International Airport
Martinique Fort-de-France Martinique Aimé Césaire International Airport

Where does Southwest fly from Atlanta?

Southwest Airlines® has flights from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport that will send you directly to this popular tourist destination in southeast Florida.