Where does James Hetfield live now?

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Hetfield married Francesca Tomasi on August 17, 1997, and together they have three children. He currently resides in Vail, Colorado, citing a "multitude of reasons" for moving there, including it being his wife's childhood hometown, the natural beauty, and the quiet environment.

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Also asked, where does Lars Ulrich live now?

Location: Tiburon, Calif. An extravagant mansion long owned by Metallica's co-founder and drummer Lars Ulrich, in the posh San Francisco suburb of Tiburon, has come to market at $12 million.

Also, where did James Hetfield live? Los Angeles County

Similarly, you may ask, where does James Hetfield live in Vail?

After decades of life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Metallica's James Hetfield and his family now live in "super quiet" Vail, Colorado. The reasons for the move, as Hetfield told radio show host Joe Rogan on a recent podcast, were multitudinous.

What is James from Metallica addicted to?

James Hetfield was admitted to rehab in July 2001 for alcohol and "other addictions", one of which was later revealed to be chocolate, accounting for the Metallica frontman's chunkier appearance around that time.

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What is Lars Ulrich worth?

Lars Ulrich net worth: Lars Ulrich is a Danish musician, producer, and songwriter who has a net worth of $350 million. Lars Ulrich has earned his net worth as one of the founding members of the American heavy metal band Metallica.

What nationality is Lars Ulrich?


Who is the owner of Metallica?

James Alan Hetfield

Is Ulrich sick?

After a show in Lisbon, Portugal on Friday, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich fell ill with undisclosed symptoms, according to a spokesperson for the band. While his bandmates flew to England for their Sunday performance at the Download 2004 festival, Ulrich stopped off in Germany for treatment.

Does Lars Ulrich speaking Danish?

He definitely has a distinct sound and pattern to his speaking. But from what I've heard (you can find Danish videos on YouTube), there isn't much in the way Lars speaks that sounds clearly Danish. Spicoli is a caricature for comedy purposes, but he's speaking the basic dialect.

Who came up with the name Metallica?

The name “Metallica” stems from a brainstorming session between drummer Lars Ulrich and his friend, Ron Quintana. While in the middle of the back-and-forth, Quintana suggested two names -- “MetalMania” and “Metallica.” “MetalMania” sounded too commercial, but “Metallica” was the one that stood out to Ulrich.

What drums do Metallica use?

  • Drums.
  • -10x9" and 12x10" toms.
  • -17", two 18" and 19" A Medium crashes.
  • -20'' Oriental Trash china.
  • -20'' Z Custom china (Lars also sometimes uses an 18" Z custom china)
  • -Lars also used an LP red jam block (makes a sound like a wood block, heard on "dirty window" on Metallica's St.
  • Hardware: (Tama)

How much is Kirk Hammett worth?

How much is Kirk Hammett Worth? Kirk Hammett net worth: Kirk Hammett is an American songwriter and guitar player who has a net worth of $200 million. Kirk Hammett is most famous for being the lead guitarist for the highly successful heavy metal band Metallica.

Does Metallica have a private jet?

Tulsan Customized Metallica's Private Jet. built carefully to their specifications - by a Tulsan. tours this year.

Why did James Hetfield leave California?

Metallica frontman James Hetfield says he and his family recently moved out of San Francisco to escape the city's “elitist attitude.” The heavy metal rocker told Joe Rogan in a Friday podcast that liberal elites in the Bay Area only accept diversity when it aligns with their social and political views.

What car does James Hetfield drive?

the key vehicles in his collection include 1948 jaguar 'black pearl', the 1934 packard 'aquarius', the 1953 buick skylark 'skyscraper', the 1937 lincoln zephyr 'voodoo priest', and the 1936 auburn 'slow burn.

What nationality is Metallica?

Metallica was formed in Los Angeles in late 1981 when Danish-born drummer Lars Ulrich placed an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper, The Recycler, which read, "Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden." Guitarists James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner of

How much money has Metallica made?

The legendary heavy metal group has grossed more than $250 million on its WorldWired Tour, launched in 2016.