Where can I sell used baby stuff?

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Major players such as Craigslist, Etsy, and eBay are doing a booming business in secondhand baby gear, but some strong newcomers have jumped into the game as well.

Here are our picks for the top 6 go-to sources.
  • thredUP.
  • Mercari.
  • OfferUp.
  • eBay App.
  • Totspot.
  • BabyCenter's swap groups.

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Thereof, how do I sell used baby items?

Here are five ways to easily re-sell your used baby gear and baby clothes.

  1. Throw a baby garage sale.
  2. Take the time to use eBay.
  3. Try Craigslist… with caution.
  4. Consign the good stuff.
  5. Donate to make a difference.

Subsequently, question is, how much should I sell used baby items for? Generally, it is best to price your items 50 – 70% less than retail. For example, if you bought a $20 toy for your child, then it should be priced at $6 to $10. Clothes are usually priced $2 to $3 for everyday styles and brands from Cherokee, Faded Glory and Carters.

Hereof, where can I sell my gently used baby items?

6 Great Places To Sell Your Child's Old Stuff

  • thredUP. thredUP isn't specifically geared towards children's items, but they are one of the site's largest markets.
  • Once Upon A Child.
  • Kidizen.
  • OfferUp.
  • Schoola.
  • Amazon.
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Where can I sell my used stuff?

Online sales and auctions

  • Amazon. You can sell pretty much anything on Amazon, although selling in some specialized categories requires Amazon approval and an upgraded selling plan.
  • eBay.
  • Bonanza.
  • eBid.
  • Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Letgo.
  • Poshmark.
  • Ruby Lane.
  • Etsy.

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Where can I sell baby stuff for cash?

3 Places to Sell Your Children's Clothes for Quick Cash
  • eBay Listings. eBay is the perfect place to sell children's clothes if you have a nearly-new outfit or brand name item.
  • Consignment Sales and Stores. For more common brands, such as Carter's, Gap, Guess, and Cherokee, I've found that those pieces do better at a consignment shop.
  • Online Trade-In Sites.

How much does once upon a child pay for baby clothes?

Short Answer: Once Upon a Child resells children's items at around 70% off retail prices. It buys used items for about 30 to 40% of the resale price. That means for accepted items, you'll receive 10 to 15% of the retail value when you sell clothes to Once Upon a Child.

Does Once upon a child give you cash?

Bring in your gently used children's clothes, shoes, toys, furniture, and baby gear. A store employee will review your items and make an offer based on style, safety, and condition standards. If you accept the offer, you'll get paid cash on the spot!

Where can I sell my old toys?

Best Places To Sell Your Toys
  • Donate Them. No matter the type of toy or its condition, a children's hospital, a daycare or a pre-school would almost always be interested in them.
  • Pawn Shop. If you want to sell your toys for cash very quickly, you can always try to sell them to a local pawn shop.
  • eBay.
  • Neatstuff Collectibles.

How can I sell my baby products online?

Top five apps for selling or buying baby products
  1. 1) Kidizen : One of the popular app available for kids product is kidizen where you can get abundant of kids product online of your choice.
  2. Totspot : This one is the great app that you can go through to search for your kid's clothes and accessories.
  3. Varagesale :
  4. Mom to Mom Consign :
  5. ThredUp :

Does ThredUp take baby clothes?

This site is a one-stop-shop for keeping you and your family in style (and on budget) season after season. Buy from them: ThredUP is the world's largest online marketplace to buy and sell women's and kids' clothing, so you'll find everything from J.

Where can I sell my clothes for cash?

Where to Sell Used Clothes
  • Women's clothing: Take it to a resale shop like Clothes Mentor or Buffalo Exchange; send it to ThredUp, or list your stuff on eBay.
  • Junior's clothing: Sell to a resale shop like PlanetXchange or Plato's Closet; send your items to ThredUp, or list your cast-offs on eBay.

What do you do with old baby stuff?

What To Do With Your Old Baby Items
  1. Give to (or share) with your family and friends. This is a great way to clear out stuff that you may need again in the future, share it with a brother/sister/cousin, who may be expecting.
  2. Donate to a Day Care, Pregnancy Center or Women's and Children's Shelter.
  3. Recycle Your Gear.

How can I sell my kids toys?

Check the policy at the store nearest you here.
  1. 1 Bring in your outgrown kids and maternity stuff. Bring your freshly-cleaned kids' apparel, toys, equipment, and more to Kid to Kid during buying hours (check your local store's hours here).
  2. 2 Shop smart while a buyer appraises your items.
  3. 3 Get paid cash or credit same day.

Where can I sell a crib?

Where Can I Sell My Baby Crib?
  • Talk to your family and friends.
  • Sell your crib in a yard/garage sale.
  • Sell your crib online.
  • Sell your crib to a local reseller.
  • Repurpose your crib.
  • Donate your crib.
  • Throw out your crib.

Can I sell baby clothes?

The condition of the clothing will also determine how much you can sell baby clothes for. Chances are your child has been busy learning to crawl and walk. So, it's likely that the clothes have some wear-and-tear on them. Clothes with wear-and-tear won't sell at the original in-store price.

Does Kid to Kid pay cash for clothes?

Kid to Kid buys and sells gently used children's clothing, toys, baby equipment, maternity wear and more. within 30 minutes to an hour, sometimes even faster.” They are also offering the option of cash or store credit to customers who sell their gently used children's clothes, baby equipment, toys and maternity wear.

Where can I sell kids clothes?

My Favorite Places to Sell Kids Clothes Online
  • Our Purging Process. My oldest daughter is EXACTLY like me when it comes to clothes.
  • ThredUp – Excellent Condition. ThredUp is where I buy pretty much ALL of my clothes.
  • Facebook Yardsales – “Lots” of Items from the Same Season All the Same Size.
  • Keeping it Simple.

How do you price used toys?

Follow these six tips for how to price your secondhand goods and you'll be on the right track:
  1. Know the current retail price. Start by identifying what the item sells for when it is new.
  2. Mark it down mentally.
  3. Add a sentimental drawcard.
  4. Check out your competition.
  5. Factor in postage costs.
  6. Set your price but stay flexible.

Where can I sell my clothes?

Top sites for selling your old clothes
  • Depop. Best for: Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best.
  • Vinted. Best for: Everything, but upmarket high street brands (think Zara and Mango) tend to do best.
  • Ebay. Best for: Everything.
  • ASOS Marketplace.
  • Preloved.
  • Facebook Marketplace.
  • Etsy.
  • Rebelle.

How do you price used baby clothes?

Suggested price: $1 to $3 for gently used baby clothes, 25 to 50 cents for well worn clothes. Name brand items with original tags can be priced higher. Display idea: Display baby clothes folded on tables. If you have a bunch to get rid of, sell them by the lot in bags for $5.