What's a clima?

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the falling to earth of any form of water (rain or snow or hail or sleet or mist) aria, vento. air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. atmosfera. the weather or climate at some place.

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Likewise, what is clima?

Clima (meaning Climate in English) was a cultural magazine published in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ismail Xavier argues that although it existed just for three years from 1941 to 1944, the magazine significantly influenced cultural criticism in Brazil.

Furthermore, is it El or La clima? I checked the dictionary here, and the translation given from English for "weather" is "el tiempo," and climate was translated as la el clima, although it then said clima was masculine. This is the indicator that the word is usually from the Greek and masculine, despite the fact that they look like feminine words.

Likewise, what's clima on a bus?

e-Clima is a device that allows the display of temperature, relative humidity and pressure values supplied by different sensors located in a room. The device configures automatically to display the values based on the variables connected to the sensors.

What does Clika mean?

clika 9. Set of friends who come together in a neighborhood. Band or gang. Example: "My CLIKA is better than yours.(My gang is better than yours.)

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How do I earn money in the game? In the Bus Simulator 18 you earn your money mainly with the sale of tickets. You generate further income with the advertising banners on your buses, for catching fare dodgers and of course from the ticket sales made by the other drivers in your employ.

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Is it la problema or El problema?

The Spanish letters "a" and "o" as the final letter of a word designate a feminine or masculine word; "a" is feminine and "o" is masculine. So how come it's "el problema" and not "la problema" since "el" should always modify a masculine noun and "la" a feminine noun.

Is Planeta masculine or feminine?

These nouns indicate gender by the article (el or la). Nouns that end in -sión, -ción, -dad, -tad, -tud, -umbre are feminine. Some nouns that end in -a are masculine. Many nouns that end in -ma are masculine.

Is Mano masculine or feminine?

Spanish nouns that end with -o are masculine, and ones that end with -a are feminine, right? Yes, usually. But there are plenty of exceptions to this gender rule, of which the two best known are mano, the word for hand, which is feminine, and día, the word for day, which is masculine.

What is the word weather in Spanish?

Spanish Weather Adjectives:
Sunny: soleado. Cloudy: nublado. Bad weather: mal tiempo. Good weather: buen tiempo. Hot: calor.

How do you describe weather in Spanish?

In this case, it's used to describe what the weather "does":
  1. Hace calor. It is hot.
  2. Hace frío. It is cold.
  3. Hace fresco. It is cool.
  4. Hace buen tiempo. The weather is nice.
  5. Hace mal tiempo. The weather is bad.
  6. Está nublado. It is cloudy.
  7. Está soleado. It is sunny.
  8. Está despejado. It is clear.

Is Tema in Spanish masculine or feminine?

"Tema" is one of a handful that end in -ma: el tema, el problema, el sistema, el programa. (By the same token, there are also words like "la mano" that end in "o" but aren't masculine.)