What would happen if the Lewisville Dam broke?

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During last May's rains, a “sand boil” appeared in the area, indicating increasing seepage that, if not stopped, could lead to a rupture of the dam. If the dam failed, the magnitude of all that water unleashed from Lake Lewisville down the Trinity River would dwarf the worst dam disaster in American history.

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Also, has Lake Lewisville flooded?

Lewisville Lake nears capacity after highest rainfall month since 2015 floods. The last time the spillway flooded was June 2015, which came after a May that saw 16.96 inches of rainfall. This October has seen 14.33 inches of rainfall as of last night Oct. 24, according to the U.S. National Weather Service of Fort Worth

Likewise, how deep is the Lewisville Lake? 20 m

Also question is, how was Lewisville Lake made?

The lake was created by the completion of the dam in 1955 and later renamed Lewisville Lake. Lake Dallas's dam was later breached and the two lakes combined. The dam is 32,888 feet long (over six miles) and is constructed of compacted soil. A 560-foot uncontrolled spillway sits at the eastern end of the dam.

How does a lake dam work?

When the water level reaches the inlet opening, it spills into the pipe and goes out the back of the dam. This controls the level of water in the lake. When there is too much water for the principal spillway to handle, water will flow through the earthen spillway at the end of the dam.

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Why is Lake Lewisville dangerous?

The Army Corps of Engineers will need millions of dollars to repair the Lewisville Lake Dam, one of the nation's most dangerous. A breach could put 431,000 people in harm's way. Such a “sand boil” indicates that increasing seepage has created a passage under the base of the dam.

Is Lake Lewisville safe to swim in?

Lake Park is located on the southwest end of Lake Lewisville. This beach area is not roped off, but is shallow and provides a great place to swim. There are other non-designated swim areas throughout the lake and the lake parks. We hope you enjoy Lake Lewisville and all of the wonderful beaches around the lake.

How many gallons of water are in Lake Lewisville?

Lewisville Lake
Max. width 4.24 mi (6.82 km)
Surface area 29,592 acres (11,975 ha)
Max. depth 67 ft (20 m)
Water volume 555,000 acre⋅ft (685,000,000 m3)

Is Lewisville Lake freshwater?

There is no freshwater shark in Lake Lewisville. #fakenews. Enjoy our North Texas lakes, be safe and stay sober. “Most other sharks couldn't survive in fresh water.

Who owns Lewisville Lake?

Lewisville Lake is owned by the U. S. Government and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Fort Worth District mainly as a water supply source for the Cities of Dallas and Denton and surrounding communities.

When was Lewisville Lake built?


How big is Lewisville Lake Texas?

119.8 km²

How big is Lewisville?

106,021 (2017)

Are dogs allowed at Lake Lewisville?

Leashed dogs are welcome to join their owners in the store as they shop for arts and crafts.

Is it safe to eat fish from Lake Lewisville?

The fish from Lewisville are very safe to eat. Eat them all the time no issues.

What type of fish are in Lake Lewisville?

Largemouth bass
Channel catfish
White bass
Blue catfish
Spotted bass

What lakes can you live on in Texas?

3 of the Best Lakes in Texas You Can Live and Boat On
  • Gainesville, TX. Lake Texoma. Located near one of the largest lakes in Texas, Gainesville provides easy access to Lake Texoma.
  • Azle, TX. Eagle Mountain Lake. Situated along the scenic shores of Eagle Mountain Lake, Azle offers easy access to one of Texas's most popular lakes for boating.
  • Austin, TX. Lake Austin.

Is it illegal to swim in Lake Ray Hubbard?

We are, admittedly, a little bit weird when it comes to lakes. Although you can water-ski on a couple of the lakes owned by the City of Dallas, it is illegal to swim in any of them. In other words, if you fall while water-skiing over at Lake Ray Hubbard, it is theoretically illegal to swim back to the boat.

What time does Lewisville Lake close?

Lake Park Hours: 7 am to 9 pm.

Where is Party Cove Lake Lewisville?

Party Cove is near Westlake Park near the center of the lake (map at the bottom of the page). This cove is where people come to spend their Friday, Saturday, or Sunday in a cove tied up to other boats and listening to party music.