What time period does black sails take place?

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Black Sails. 1715. The Golden Age of Piracy in the Caribbean is at its apex. The former British colony of New Providence Island is now lawless territory, controlled by a few dozen of the most notorious pirate captains in history.

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Consequently, where does black sails take place?

Pirate drama Black Sails filmed on location at Cape Town Film Studios in South Africa, doubling the region for the Bahamas. Set in 1720, the series is pitched as a prequel to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate novel Treasure Island and follows the adventures of Captain Flint.

Subsequently, question is, is there a season 5 to black sails? 'Black Sails' Won't Return For Season 5, But There Arrr Plenty Of Other Seafaring Options For Pirate Fans. And as fans have known since summer 2016, Black Sails won't return for Season 5 — this season finale will be its last.

Considering this, is Black Sails historically accurate?

'Black Sails', the hit Starz Network series, portrays a historically accurate account of the lives of pirates and their counterparts. Black Sails has become a smash hit series on the Starz Network. However, this isn't to say that there aren't some historically accurate facts associated with the series.

Was Black Sails Cancelled or did it end?

April 2, 2017

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Which black sails characters are real?

war against the world." Real life pirates who are fictionalized in the show include Anne Bonny, Benjamin Hornigold, Jack Rackham, Charles Vane, Ned Low, Israel Hands and Blackbeard. The plot of the first season focuses on the hunt for the Spanish treasure galleon Urca de Lima.

What do black sails mean?

The Black is any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates that were about to attack.

How does Blackbeard die?

Killed in action

Did Flint push Billy?

He chains up Billy in a hut, and tries to convince him that Flint is doing the right thing. Dufresne tells him that they all believe that Bones was pushed into the water by Flint to silence his opposition to Flint. However, Billy tells the crew that he fell into the water and that Flint had actually tried to save him.

Is Skeleton Island a real place?

Geography. Skeleton Island is an isolated and uncharted island. There is a smaller island to the east of the island, separated by a narrow strait. The terrain on the main island is mountainous, and covered in dense forest.

Is Nassau a real place?

Nassau (/ˈnæs?ː/) is the capital and largest city of The Bahamas. With a population of 274,400 as of 2016, or just over 70% of the entire population of the Bahamas (≈391,000), Nassau is commonly defined as a primate city, dwarfing all other towns in the country.

How did Captain Flint die?

Captain J. Flint was the head of the crew of the Walrus. He died in 1754 of alcohol poisoning (he drank too much rum). He is the author of the map, called Flint's fist, which shows the location of the buried treasure on Skeleton Island.

Is Long John Silver real?

Long John Silver is a fictional character and the main antagonist in the novel Treasure Island (1883) by Robert Louis Stevenson. The most colourful and complex character in the book, he continues to appear in popular culture.

Is Eleanor Guthrie a real person?

Like many of the characters in the series, Rogers, a former privateer himself, is based on a real person. He is bringing back Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New), who previously oversaw trade in Nassau.

How did Billy Bones die?

As soon as the unwelcome visitor is gone, the Captain suffers a stroke. He is tended to by Dr. Livesey, who discovers the real name of the Captain to be Billy Bones when his arm is bared as a prelude to a surgical bloodletting and the name is found tattooed there. Immediately, Bones suffers a second stroke and dies.

Is Captain Flint based on a real pirate?

Captain J. Flint is a fictional 18th-century pirate captain who features in a number of novels, television series, and films. The original character was created by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).

What do we know about pirates?

A pirate is a robber who travels by water. Though most pirates targeted ships, some also launched attacks on coastal towns. We often think of pirates as swashbuckling and daring or evil and brutish, but in actual fact most of them were ordinary people who had been forced to turn to criminal activity to make ends meet.

How many episodes of black sails are there?


How many seasons was black sails?


Did black sails win any awards?

Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects - Supporting Role
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Sound Editing - Series

Why did they end black sails?

Starz just announced that the fourth season of its original series Black Sails will be its last. “While it was a difficult decision for us to make this season our last, we simply couldn't imagine anything beyond it that would make for a better ending to the story nor a more natural handoff to Treasure Island.

How did Black Sails end?

[This story contains spoilers from Sunday's series finale of Starz's Black Sails.] After four seasons of an unlikely partnership-turned-friendship, the two men were at odds once again in the series finale of the Starz drama over what to do with Madi's (Zethu Dlomo) rescue and the buried treasure.