What Spanish words start with V?

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Study Spanish Cognates: Letter V
  • vacant-vacante. vacation-vacación. vacillate-vacilar. vacillation-vacilación. vacuole-vacuola. vacuous-vacío. vagabond-vagabundo.
  • valid-válido. valid argument-argumento válido. valley-valle. valuable-valioso. value-valor. vanguard-vanguardia.
  • variety-variedad. various-vario. vary-variar. vase-vaso. vast-vasto. vegetable-vegetal.

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Consequently, what words start with W in Spanish?

There are only 6 other words beginning with "w" in my dictionary: walkie-talkie, walkman, waterpolo, western, whisky, and winsurf. wwwweeeeeeppppppaaaaaa!!!!!! SpanishDict is the world's most popular Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and learning website.

Additionally, what Spanish words start with K? Study Spanish Cognates: Letter K

  • kaleidoscope-caleidoscopio. kangaroo-canguro. karate-kárate.
  • kerosene-queroseno. khaki-caqui. kilogram-kilogramo.
  • kilometer-kilómetro. kiosk-kiosco. Kurd-kurda.

Likewise, what are some Spanish words that start with A?

Abeja, amor, abejorro, arándano, ascensor, actuar, acción, amigo, amistad, amigable, adecuado, acondicionar, aseverar, administrar, aduana, adscribir, antónimo, asexual, asepsia, ameba, adular, abdomen, apéndice, ampolla, ascórbico, absorber, afable, ají, almohada, ahí, allá, arte, artista, ayurveda, ayuda, amanecer,

Are there Spanish W's?

3 Answers. W is part of the Latin alphabet, and Spanish uses the Latin alphabet, just like English and most other European languages. There aren't any Spanish native words that use the letter W, but it is used in foreign words. The same is true of the letter K.

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How do you say W in Spanish?

There are at least four ways to say the letter "w" in Spanish: doble ve, doble u, doble uve, or uve doble.

What Spanish words start with Z?

Spanish words that start with "Z"
  • Zaire.
  • Zambeze.
  • Zambia.
  • Zamora.
  • Zanzíbar.
  • Zara.
  • Zaragoza.
  • Zarzuela.

What is Mi Amore?

"Mi amor" means "my love". If you want to say it differently, you can say "amorcito". You can say "dulzura de mi vida" "sweetness of my life", and a bunch of other lovely complements.

Is Gustar a cognate?

Gustar is a cognate of 'gusto', 'degustation', and 'disgust', but surprisingly not of 'digest'.

What is the 27 letter in the alphabet?

The ampersand often appeared as a character at the end of the Latin alphabet, as for example in Byrhtferð's list of letters from 1011. Similarly, & was regarded as the 27th letter of the English alphabet, as taught to children in the US and elsewhere.

What are K words?

Alan Beale's Core Vocabulary - K (130 Words)
  • kaleidoscope.
  • kangaroo.
  • kaput.
  • karat.
  • karate.
  • karma.
  • kayak.
  • keel.

What does K mean in Spanish?

votes. K in an english sentance means Kay as in Okay. K in spanish would mean Que which is 'what' for spanish.

Is K used in Spanish?

4 Answers. According to the Wikipedia page for the Spanish language, under "Writing system", they are all loanwords (directly integrated or words "adapted" to the Spanish writing system): The letters "k" and "w" are used only in words and names coming from foreign languages (kilo, folklore, whiskey, William, etc.

What words start with Ñ in Spanish?

Trying to find a spanish word starts with ñ sound
  • ñandú: rhea (a type of bird)
  • ñoñería: inanity, nonsense.
  • ñoño: dull, squeamish.
  • ñoqui: gnocchi (a type of food)
  • ñora: a type of red pepper.
  • ñu: gnu.

Do any Spanish words start with RR?

No Spanish words are spelled with an initial “rr” but in words that start with “r”, the initial “r” is pronounced like “rr”. So those words do start with an “rr” sound, although it is spelled “r”. Certain syllables within a word also start with an “rr” sound spelled “r” if they follow particular consonants.

Does the letter W exist in Spanish?

Unlike most letters of the Spanish alphabet, the w (officially called the uve doble and sometimes ve doble, doble ve or doble u) does not have a fixed sound. That is because the w is native to neither Spanish nor to Latin, from which Spanish evolved. In other words, the w appears only in words of foreign origin.

What Spanish word starts with J?

Study Spanish Cognates: Letter J
  • Japanese-japonés. jar-jarra. jargon-jerga. jasmine-jazmín. jocose-jocoso. joint-junta. journey-jornada.
  • jubilation-jubilación. judge-juez. judgment-juicio. judiciary-judiciario. judicious-juicioso. jugular-yugular. June-junio.
  • juridical-jurídico. jury-jurado. just-justo. justice-justicia. justified-justificado. justify-justificar.

How do you say K in Spanish?

AH (a), BAY (b), SAY [THAY, in Spain] (c), DAY (d), EY (e), EH-fay (f), HAY (g), AH-chay (h), EE (i), HOH-tah (j), KAH (k), EH-lay (l), EH-may (m), EH-nay (n), EH-nyay (ñ), OH (o), PAY (p), COO (q), EH-rray (r), EH-say (s), TAY (t), OOH (u), OOH-bay (v), DOH-blay OOH-bay (w), EH-kees (x), YAY (y), SAY-tah [THAY-tah, in

What word starts with L in Spanish?

5 letter Spanish words that start with l
  • labbé ?
  • labia ?
  • labio ? lip.
  • labor ? work, task, job, cultivation, labor.
  • labra ? working.
  • labre ?
  • labán ? laban.
  • lacar ?