What size is Le Creuset 22?

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How To Find Out What Size Your Le Creuset Cookware Is
Le Creuset Round Dutch Oven Sizes
Le Creuset #22 3.5 Quarts 3.3 Liters
Le Creuset #24 4.5 Quarts 4.2 Liters
Le Creuset #26 5.5 Quarts 5.3 Liters
Le Creuset #28 7.25 Quarts 6.7 Liters

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Similarly, you may ask, what size is Le Creuset?

We would recommend a 20-22cm round for the small size and for the larger size to choose between a 24-28cm round, a 29cm oval or a 30cm shallow. The larger sizes are great for entertaining and bigger families.

Also Know, what size is Le Creuset 30 Braiser? The 30 means is 3.5 quarts or 3.2 liters.

Secondly, what do the numbers on Le Creuset pots mean?

What do the numbers and letters molded into pieces of Le Creuset mean? The two-digit number signifies the item's diameter or long dimension, without handles, in centimeters. Round Oven. 16 or A = 1.3L = 1.5 qt. 18 or B = 1.8L = 2 qt.

How do I know if my Le Creuset is vintage?

Look at the edge of the pan on which the lid rests. If the pan is vintage Le Creuset, this edge should be enameled. Newer Le Creuset pans have only a coat of primer in this area. On fake Le Creuset pans, the underlying cast iron will show through.

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What size Le Creuset Dutch oven is best?

The Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 6.75 Quart Oval French Dutch Oven is a great choice. This Dutch oven is large enough for most cooking situations. And at 6.75-Quarts you'll be able to easily feed 6-7 hungry people.

What is the best size casserole dish?

My thoughts: The 9×13-inch rectangular casserole pan is by far the most called-for dish in casserole cookery, followed closely by the 8×8 (or 9×9) square dishes. (The 9×13 also holds about 3 quarts of volume, so in some recipes it can be used interchangeably with a 3 quart Dutch oven, like this one.)

Is Le Creuset better than lodge?

Heirloom quality. The Le Creuset has a higher-quality enamel finish that's less likely to chip over time. But it doesn't cook better than the Lodge, and it costs nearly six times as much.

What size Dutch oven is best?

The Best Dutch Oven Size
Dutch ovens can be teeny-tiny (think: just one quart) and monstrously big (think: 13.5 quarts). If you're looking for the Goldilocks suggestion, we recommend getting something that's at least 5.5 or 6 quarts.

What are the sizes of Le Creuset Dutch ovens?

The largest round Le Creuset Dutch Oven is 13.25 quarts, 12.4 liters with a diameter of 34 centimeters and serves 10-12 people. The largest oval Le Creuset Dutch Oven is 15.5 quarts, 14.1 liters with a diameter of 40 centimeters and serves 12-14 people.

What does 22 mean on Le Creuset?

Once you've got your pan flipped over, look for a number in the middle of the pan. That number tells you the inside diameter of the pan in centimeters (see example below): Le Creuset #22. Le Creuset #24. Le Creuset #26.

Why are Dutch ovens so expensive?

Why are Dutch ovens so expensive? Ovens with a high price tag will be cast from high-quality iron. Because cast iron is a brittle metal thick bases and walls, as well as a heavy lid, are required to give the oven mechanical strength. This large amount of quality iron along with good craftsmanship increases the price.

How do I know what size my Dutch oven is?

  1. Inside length measurement of the Dutch oven handle is 3.688 inches.
  2. Inside depth measurement of the Dutch oven handle is 0.813 inches.
  3. The knob on lid measures 1.188 inches high.
  4. Height with the lid on 7.313 inches.

Is Le Creuset worth?

Le Creuset cookware is pricey, but its cast iron and stoneware pieces can last for years, if not decades — here's why they're worth the investment. Le Creuset is known for its beautiful, well-crafted, and versatile enamel Dutch ovens. Its cookware is expensive, but not without reason.

How do I know what size Dutch oven to buy?

Dutch ovens come in a wide variety of diameters, ranging anywhere from 4 inches to 20 inches and higher. Simply measure from one side of the Dutch oven to the other in a straight line to find the diameter. And do the same with cuts of large meat. Simply measure across to see if it will fit in your Dutch oven.

What colors does Le Creuset come in?

The color palette of Le Creuset is one of the most distinctive anywhere.

Discontinued & Retired Le Creuset colors
  • Granite.
  • Cobalt blue.
  • Chocolate.
  • White.
  • Sky blue.
  • Classic green.
  • Azure blue.
  • Burgundy.

How do you pronounce Le Creuset?

It's bad news for those who have been pronouncing the name of the French company as 'lay-croo-SET' or 'luh-croo-SAY'. It turns out that you have to put the emphasis on the middle syllable and pronounce the 's' in Le Creuset as a z. The correct pronunciation of Le Creuset is say: 'luh-CROO-zay'.

How do you clean a Le Creuset Dutch oven?

"Bring water to a very gentle simmer in the dutch oven on the stove with either a small amount of dish soap or baking soda, let the water cool, and then scrub and rinse," Collier says. "For any dulling of the enamel, our cast iron cleaner works wonders to remove any residue."

Is Le Creuset a Dutch oven?

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart Round French Oven. Also known as a Dutch oven, this updated kitchen classic enhances the cooking process by evenly distributing heat and locking in the optimal amount of moisture.

What Le Creuset pieces should I buy?

The 10 Best Le Creuset Items to Buy During the Nordstrom Winter Sale
  • 6 3/4 Cast Iron Dutch Oven. The crème de la crème of kitchenware.
  • Stainless Steel Fry Pan.
  • 3 3/4 Quart Braiser.
  • Stoneware Mixing Bowls.
  • Bi-Material Slotted Spoon.
  • 2-Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven.
  • Whistling Tea Kettle.
  • Stoneware French Press.

Does Le Creuset have a lifetime warranty?

Le Creuset cookware is warranted to you by Le Creuset of America, Inc. to be free from defects in material and workmanship at the time of its purchase. For this Lifetime Limited Warranty to apply, you must follow the care and use instructions provided with the utensil. This warranty covers normal household use only.