What should I bring to BottleRock?

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5 Everyday Items Everyone Should Bring to Bottlerock
  • Waist Pack or Satchel. What many people used to refer as a fanny pack is now known as the waist pack.
  • Cash. You can't just purchase tickets in advance and expect to have all you need for the Bottlerock experience.
  • Beach Towel. Guests aren't allowed to bring chairs on the premises.

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Considering this, what can you bring to BottleRock?

You CAN bring empty water bottles, empty hydration packs, blankets, point-and-shoot cameras, GoPros and sunscreen (non-aerosol). Please note the new bag policy for 2019 below. Drones cannot be used on, from or above BottleRock premises.

Beside above, are umbrellas allowed at BottleRock? And — rain or shine — umbrellas are NOT allowed at BottleRock. A heavy downpour could make for some muddy field areas. Thus, it's important to bring proper footwear.

In this way, is food free at BottleRock?

Food and wine is not included in a one day pass.

Is BottleRock kid friendly?

And, luckily for us, BottleRock is as family-friendly as it gets. Kids 6 and under get free admission with a ticketed adult, and new this year, kids get their own Little Rocker wristband, which will register important family contact information so festival staff can reconnect separated families.

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How much is food at Bottlerock?

General Admission single day tickets are $159. You'll get access to all stages and all the bands that day, can view celebrity chefs on the culinary stage, and purchase food, wine and beer from the various vendors.

Can you smoke at Bottlerock?

BottleRock Napa Valley starts today (Friday) with some 80 musical acts from Muse to the Chainsmokers to E-40. It's a huge festival and, as you might imagine, there are rules on what you can bring into the event. Still, cannabis (and outside alcohol) are strictly prohibited at BottleRock.

Can you bring chairs to Bottlerock?

Guests aren't allowed to bring chairs on the premises. Instead of allowing chairs, Bottlerock allows guests to bring in a beach towel or blanket to sit on.

What time does Bottlerock start and end?

May 22 – May 24, 2020

How much are single day Bottlerock tickets?

Paak & The Free Nationals, plus more than 70 additional acts, runs May 22 - 24 at the Napa Valley Expo in downtown Napa. General admission passes start at $159, and VIP passes cost $359.

Can you buy one day tickets to BottleRock?

Once you've chosen your BottleRock 2020 tickets, click the red "Tickets" button. Whether you're purchasing BottleRock 2020 single-day tickets or a weekend pass, you can expect that your tickets will be legitimate.

What time is BottleRock?

May 22 – May 24, 2020

Where should I stay in BottleRock?

Top Hotels Close to Bottlerock
  • Save Napa Discovery Inn to your lists.
  • Save Napa River Inn to your lists.
  • Save White House - Napa Valley Inn to your lists.
  • Save R INN NAPA to your lists.
  • Save Archer Hotel Napa to your lists.
  • Save The Westin Verasa Napa to your lists.
  • Save Cloud 9 Village to your lists.

How much are VIP BottleRock tickets?

General admission three-day passes for the Memorial Day weekend concert are $359; standard level VIP packages are $799; Skydeck access costs $1,599; and the Platinum experience, which includes private viewing areas, artist meet-and-greets, and exclusive lounge access, goes for $4,250.

How much is parking at BottleRock?

Parking at BottleRock was last year's biggest problem, with festival parking four miles away and irate attendees waiting up to three hours in line for the festival's shuttles on Saturday night. This year, the lot is only half a mile away, but parking costs $35 presale and $40 at the gate.

How many stages are at BottleRock?

The event featured 3 stages with 60 bands, including Jackson Browne, Train, The Black Crowes, Zac Brown Band, The Shins, Primus, The Avett Brothers, Joan Jett, Cake, Jane's Addiction, The Flaming Lips, Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Alabama Shakes, The Iron Heart, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite.

Where is BottleRock 2019?

Napa Valley Expo

Where is BottleRock held?

Napa Valley Expo, Napa, California, United States

How do you get to BottleRock?

Here are three ways to get to BottleRock from Sonoma:
  1. Get on the bus! The BottleRock shuttle buses will run on Friday, May 22; Saturday, May 23; Sunday, May 24 with convenient pick up times to get you to the festival from Sonoma.
  2. Use a taxi or ride share service.
  3. Go luxe and arrange private transportation.

Who's playing at BottleRock this year?

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band and Stevie Nicks will headline BottleRock's Lineup in 2020. Also performing will be Miley Cyrus, Khalid, Anderson . Paak and more. BottleRock has become one of the most prominent music festivals.

Who puts on Bottlerock?

It's been nearly six years since Dave Graham and his partners Justin Drago and Jason Scoggins took the reins of Bottlerock, turning around the bankrupt first year-event with an embrace of the community and a company culture focused on hospitality and unforgetable experiences.

Who is playing Bottlerock 2020?

BottleRock 2020 Lineup
The Napa Valley-based festival Bottlerock has announced its 2020 lineup. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Dave Matthews Band, and Stevie Nicks are the headliners. The rest of the lineup includes Miley Cyrus, Khalid, Anderson .