What questions should I ask about IVF?

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10 IVF Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Am I a candidate for “Mini IVF” or “Natural IVF”?
  • What are my options for embryos that won't be used?
  • How many eggs will you try to retrieve?
  • Will you use a 3-day or 5-day transfer?
  • Are my embryos, eggs and / sperm stored onsite or at another location?
  • Should my embryos be frozen prior to transfer?

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Considering this, what questions should I ask at my first fertility appointment?

Now, here are 10 good questions to ask your prospective RE at your first fertility clinic appointment:

  • Which specific tests do you suggest myself and/or my partner undergo?
  • What types of treatments or procedures does your clinic offer?
  • What are my specific chances of getting pregnant?

Beside above, how many scans do you get during IVF? No matter what treatment protocol you are on you will need to have about 3 or 4 ultrasound scans from day 5 of the cycle to assess the growth of your follicles and assess whether the endometrium is thickening up.

Hereof, what can I expect at my first IVF consultation?

During the first meeting, you'll discuss your fertility and family medical history, your goals, and your options with the doctor. He or she will review what you can expect during the course of the three week or so IVF treatment.

How do I prepare for my first fertility appointment?

Before You Make Your Appointment

  1. Do your research about your doctor.
  2. If you are plus-size, check before your appointment if there are any BMI restrictions at the clinic you are interested in going to.
  3. Ask for initial consultation pricing and if the office takes any kind of insurance.

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What can I expect at my IVF consultation?

What to Expect From Your IVF Consult
  • Stimulation protocol.
  • Monitoring.
  • Trigger.
  • Egg retrieval procedure.
  • Fertilization technique.
  • Assessing embryo development.
  • Assisted hatching.
  • Number of embryos to transfer.

What kind of doctor does a man see for infertility?

A fertility doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist — a physician who practices a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology called reproductive endocrinology and infertility (REI). REI is an area of medicine that addresses hormonal functioning as it pertains to reproduction and infertility in both women and men.

How do I prepare for an endocrinologist appointment?

How to prepare. Before you see your endocrinologist, you should obtain a copy of your recent diabetes lab test results and any related medical records to discuss with your endocrinologist at the appointment. Tell your endocrinologist what other doctors you see for your diabetes, such as kidney, eye, or feet specialists

What questions should I ask my reproductive endocrinologist?

You should ask the reproductive endocrinologist about the live delivery rate of a woman (or couple) with a similar diagnosis, age and treatment plan. This will give you a clearer idea of what you might expect with the fertility treatment and the chances of having a baby. What are side effects of fertility treatments?

What is a mini IVF?

Mini-IVF (also known as micro or minimal stimulation IVF) is similar to conventional IVF in the procedures used during treatment. While typical IVF aims to produce several eggs for retrieval, mini-IVF uses weaker medications or lower doses of medications to produce only a few eggs.

How do I prepare for IVF?

When preparing your body for IVF, it's important to give yourself the best possible chance for positive outcome.

Here are our 6 essential tips to prepare for IVF:
  1. Quit smoking and drinking.
  2. Take your vitamins.
  3. Eat fertility-enhancing foods.
  4. Improve sleep.
  5. Reduce stress.
  6. Use breathing exercises.

When should you make your first pregnancy appointment?

The first prenatal appointment usually takes place in the second month, between week 6 and week 8 of pregnancy. Be sure to call as soon as you suspect you're pregnant and have taken a pregnancy test. Some practitioners will be able to fit you in right away, but others may have waits of several weeks (or longer).

What are options for infertility?

There are several types of ART: IUI (intrauterine insemination): Sperm is collected and the placed directly inside the woman's uterus while she is ovulating. IVF (in vitro fertilization): The sperm and egg are collected and brought together in a lab. The fertilized egg grows for 3 to 5 days days.

How does IVF make you feel?

This is where your ovaries produce too many eggs in one cycle. “In its mild form you may feel bloated or uncomfortable, but in its most serious form you may develop vomiting or other symptoms, which may require hospitalisation.”

Can you choose gender with IVF?

Prior to fertilization with IVF, the fertilized eggs can be genetically biopsied with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to increase fertilization success. Gender selection success rates for IVF/PGD are very high. The technique is recommended for couples who will not accept a child of the undesired gender.

What happens to your body during IVF?

During IVF a woman's eggs are removed from her body and fertilized in a lab. Once they've started to grow, the embryos are returned to the woman's uterus or frozen for use in the future.

Can I work during IVF treatment?

Talk to your doctor
Most patients can work their normal jobs while undergoing IVF. Your doctor knows that most people can't focus exclusively on fertility treatments. They may suggest early appointment times, especially for routine monitoring, lunch appointments, or end-of-day appointments when available.

How soon can you start IVF after consultation?

From the point of your initial consultation with GIVF, you may potentially start an IVF cycle within weeks. Your GIVF fertility physician will determine the appropriate time frame for your fertility treatment but each individual patient or couple decides when it is right for them to begin.

How long is your first IVF appointment?

From arrival to checking out, expect to be in the office anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes. Remember, if you haven't filled out your New Patient Forms prior to your appointment, arrive at least 30 minutes early to give yourself time to complete them. Otherwise, please arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment.

Do they test for smoking before IVF?

Men whose partners want to get IVF treatment on the NHS are being made to take 'breathalyser' type tests to ensure they do not smoke either. There is clear evidence that smoking both reduces the chances of a successful implantation and harms the developing baby.

Why can't I get pregnant?

Polycystic ovary syndrome, which can cause irregular menstrual cycles and an increase in male hormones, affects about 5 to 10 percent of women and is one of the most common reasons women don't ovulate. In addition, being overweight, obese or underweight, as well as having a thyroid imbalance, can affect ovulation.

What are the chances of IVF working the first time?

For all women, the odds of having a baby on the first IVF attempt was 29.5 percent. That stayed pretty steady through their fourth attempt, but the chance of having a baby jumped up to 65 percent by the sixth attempt.