What is there to do in Oracle Arena?

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Things to Do near Oracle Arena
  • Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. #23 of 81 things to do in Oakland.
  • Alameda Theatre & Cineplex. #1 of 6 Fun & Games in Alameda.
  • Black Sheep Bike Rental. #1 of 14 things to do in San Leandro.
  • Oakland Museum of California.
  • Redwood Regional Park.
  • San Francisco Bay Ferry.
  • Oakland Zoo.
  • East Bay Regional Park District.

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Also to know is, what is allowed in Oracle Arena?

These items are NOT allowed to be taken into the venue; Weapons of any kind or any sharp objects, large bags over the size of 14″x14″x6″, backpacks of any size, food, drinks or any other liquids, containers, flasks, aerosol cans and coolers.

Subsequently, question is, how do I get into the Oracle Arena? You have two options to get to Oracle Arena. The first and cheaper option is to take the BART, the train system that runs through San Francisco and Oakland. There's a stop right at Oracle Arena and it takes 25 minutes from downtown Oakland and 40 minutes from downtown San Francisco.

Moreover, can you visit Oracle Arena?

For $20 you can take a 90-minute, behind-the-curtain visit to the Oakland Coliseum. Ten bucks more will get you a tour of Oracle Arena. (Whereas Oracle, built at the same time as the Coliseum, is aging wonderfully.)

What is there to eat at Oracle Arena?

Oracle Arena concessions offer a wide variety of food and beverages, including carving stations, hot dogs, BBQ, pasta, pizza, salads, wrap sandwiches and much more.

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Does Oracle Arena have a clear bag policy?

Bags larger than 14x14x6. The bag does not have to be clear. Backpacks of any kind.

How early can you get into Oracle Arena?

Standard practice at Oracle Arena is for fans to be allowed into the arena 90 minutes prior to tip-off, but you can't always get your ticket scanned, make your way to the seats, and catch the entire show of Curry warming up.

How much does it cost to park at the Oracle Arena?

Oracle Arena Concerts/Events parking fees: (rates include a city-imposed parking tax) car & motorcycle - $35.00, RV / limo / bus - $85.00, parking gates open 2 hours prior to event start time. doors open 1 hour prior to event start time.

How early can you go to a Warriors game?

Arena doors are scheduled to open 90 to 120 minutes prior to the start time of each Warriors game. Door times for non-Warriors events are typically 60 minutes prior to the event.

Does Oracle Arena have WIFI?

Stadium Tech Report: Wi-Fi works well at Golden State Warriors' Oracle Arena.

How much will the new Warriors stadium cost?

The Golden State Warriors are opening their new arena, Chase Center, in San Francisco next season. Rick Welts, the team's president, told Business Insider that the building of the arena, which was self-financed and cost about $1.4 billion, was a "perfect storm" of events.

What is allowed in the Oakland Coliseum?

Restricted Items
Hard coolers of any size. Cans, glass containers, alcohol, lawn furniture or weapons. Brooms, sticks, or poles (guests may bring whisk brooms (not exceeding four feet in height) on days that the A's are going for a "sweep")

Can you bring food into Oakland Coliseum?

If you are sticking to a tight budget, please take your own food to the stadium. Oakland Coliseum has a very liberal policy on bringing food into the ballpark which is you can basically bring anything. You are allowed to bring a soft cooler even, with sealed plastic bottles of non-alcoholic drinks and snacks.

What happens to Oracle Arena?

Although the Warriors will be gone, Oracle will continue to host concerts, events and other sporting events, like high school and college games. That's the short-term plan. Long term, there are more questions. The stadium is tied up with the Oakland Coliseum, home (for now) of the Oakland A's.

What is Oracle Arena called now?

The new arena was named the Chase Center. The Warriors played their final playoff game at Oracle Arena on June 13, 2019, a 114-110 loss to the Toronto Raptors in Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

What food is served at the Warriors game?

Everything Golden State Warriors Fans Need To Eat At The New Chase Center
  • Chase Center Southeast Aerial View. Jason O'Rear and Chase Center.
  • Chase Center scoreboard fan prompts. TED CHIN @EYE.C.
  • Big Nates BBQ. Kassie Borreson.
  • La Corneta. Kassie Borreson.
  • Dumpling Time. Kassie Borreson.

How far is Oakland from San Francisco?

Distance between San Francisco and Oakland is 13 kilometers (8 miles). Driving distance from San Francisco to Oakland is 20 kilometers (12 miles).

How far away is Oracle Arena?

The distance between San Francisco and Oracle Arena is 12 miles. The road distance is 18.7 miles.

How many parking spots does Oracle Arena have?

Oracle Arena Features
10,000 parking spaces to relieve the stress of driving on big event days.

What does club access mean at Oracle Arena?

The Club Seats are Oracle Arena are located in sections 101-102, 113-116, and 127-128. These tickets will grant you access into the two concourse level lounges, the Smirnoff Club and Corona Cantina Club.