What is the tone of the censors?

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The tone of the Censors is mocking and ironic. Censorship is when you analyze something and make sure nothing is unacceptable. "Day after day he crossed out whole paragraphs in red ink, pitilessly chucking many letters into the censored basket"(Valenzuela 176).

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Also to know is, what is the theme for the censors?

The very broad theme of 'The Censors' is that government censorship and authoritarianism can cause profound psychological changes in an individual.

Similarly, what is the setting in the censors? Summary. The Censors takes place in Argentina, around the 1970s when government censorship was prevalent throughout the country. During this time, communications were extremely restricted, with every letter being carefully screened before it was even sent out to its intended recipient.

Simply so, what does Juan take a job as a censor?

He carelessly sends a letter to Mariana, and then becomes a censor to find and get rid of the letter before it is discovered.

Who is the protagonist in the censors?


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How does Juan earn his first promotion at work?

In "The Censors," how does Juan get his first promotion after taking the job as a censor? He censors his own letter, getting himself in trouble, and is executed. "The Censors" takes place in a country ruled by a dictator.

Why does Juan censor his own letter without regret?

Juan naturally censors his letter without regret. (censor means finds comments that are considered anti-government.) He was executed the next following morning becuase he censored his letter. " Beat them to the punch" hint-need to get the letter first "habits are not formed by doing something one time."

When was Los Censores written?

Build Background "The Censors” was first published in 1976, the year that a mili- tary faction overthrew Argentina's government.

Why is Juan executed in the censors?

He had the letter in his hands, finally, but little did he know, he would be executed for the contents he scribed into the letter. Juan was executed because, although he did not remember, what he wrote in the letter was inappropriate. We do not know what he wrote; we just know it was unacceptable.

Is the author's satire aimed more at the government or at individuals like Juan?

The author's satire is aimed both at the government and individuals like Juan. Valenzuela's portrayal of Juan as a paranoid shows how autocratic government influences the people negatively. Juan's death at the end also ridicule people whose obsession becomes a impediment to one's belief.

On what occasion does Mora give her speech?

Mora delivered her speech to a small group of students and parents. Her purpose was to help students reflect on their achievements and to challenge them to celebrate cultural diversity in the future.

What do the censors do?

The censor was a magistrate in ancient Rome who was responsible for maintaining the census, supervising public morality, and overseeing certain aspects of the government's finances.

What do the details in these lines reveal about the fear and oppression experienced by the people of Argentina?

The details in these lines reveal the fear of the people from their government and it's censorship. "Ulterior motives couldn't be overlooked by the Censorship Division, but they needn't be too strict with those who applied." It discusses the application of Juan and the danger that lies ahead for him.