What is the theme of graduation by Maya Angelou?

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It tells the story of Maya Angelou's graduation and how the day went from excited and busy, to strange, unusual, and unhappy. It occasionally describes the inequality of the races during this time period.

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Keeping this in consideration, what is the purpose of graduation by Maya Angelou?

Purpose: In Maya Angelou essay on her "Graduation", her purpose is to inform the audience what it meant to gradute during segreagated times. didatic and reflective at the same time but as different speakers give their point oview on inspirational opinions, it changes fro condescending to encouraging.

One may also ask, when was Maya Angelou's graduation written? 1970

Also asked, how does Angelou use the order in which she relates the background information?

How does Angelou use the order in which she relates the background information and events of her story to manipulate the reader's emotions? Angelou manipulates the reader's emotions by making it easier for the reader to reminisce about his or her own graduation and all the pleasant memories that led up to the event.

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