What is the summary of misery by Anton Chekhov?

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In the story Misery, Anton Chekhov describes a devastated father, Iona, who grieves for the loss of his son. Iona, being a Russian sleigh driver, hopelessly attempts to wear his heart on his sleeve and share his sorrow with complete strangers. In order to feel relief, the father is willing anyone to hear him.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what is the theme of the story the lament?

The central theme of the story, as the title would suggest, is "Misery." Iona Potapov, the driver, takes several fares and each time tries to share his grief with his passengers. unburden himself by sharing his grief and so continues on, "white like a ghost."

Secondly, what kind of man is Iona in misery? Iona Potapov is an older man. As the story begins, he is described as 'all white like a ghost. ' He sits alone is his horse-driven sleigh waiting for a fare.

Keeping this in view, what is the theme of misery?

Themes. Misery is primarily a psychological thriller; its growing horror comes not only from graphic maiming, but also from its close relationship to reality, A major theme is "reasonableness" of madness. Annie is clearly cunning and crafty, in spite of—or because of—her paranoid delusions.

Why does Iona Potapov look like a phantom?

ANSWER: When the story opens we find that the cab driver, Iona Potapov, is quite white and looks like a phantom. He is bent doubled literally as well as metaphorically because he is grieving the death of his son. He is a poor man, who is struggling to earn his livelihood as a cab driver.

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What is the plot of the story the lament?

"The Lament," also known as "Misery," is a short story by Anton Chekhov about a Russian sledge driver whose son has recently died and his reactions. The sledge-driver cranes his neck again, rises in his seat, and with heavy grace swings his whip.

What is the role of Horse in the Lament?

The Lament is a story full of grief. Iona, the old cab-driver is grief striken at the death ofhis son. He wishes to share his pain with others. thus., in the story The horse symbolism a friend and sympathiser.

How does the horse serve as a true friend and companion to Iona?

Answer : The horse serves as a true friend and companion to Iona because his fellow human beings were indifferent to his sufferings. After his alienation from the society, he began to confide in his horse who listened silently without judging him like a true friend.

Is misery a true story?

Based on a True Story, published in French about three years ago, sold half a million copies, inspired a film by Roman Polanski, won several prizes, and purportedly became an “international sensation.” The novel appeared in English, translation by George Miller, last year.