What is the scholarship jacket?

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The jacket is has the same symbol as a scholarship. The jacket is given to the student with the highest grades each year as an award for their hard work. Photo of Marta Salinas the author of The Scholarship Jacket. The story The Scholarship Jacket is about a girl named Martha who wants the jacket.

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Accordingly, why is the scholarship jacket so important to Martha?

Marta expects to receive the jacket because she has the highest grades in school. The jacket is important because Marta has worked hard for it.

Likewise, what is the tone of the scholarship jacket? The mood of this story changes over the time a lot because of her being sad and disappointed and of how later on she is happy about what has happened. This was the mood of the story.

Correspondingly, who wrote the scholarship jacket?

Marta Salinas

What is the setting of the scholarship jacket?

The setting takes place in a small middle school in Texas where traditions happen every year. In this school you can earn a scholarship jacket by maintaining a high GPA all 3 year you attend this school. Martha has earned because she maintained the GPA all 3 years she attended.

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What is the conflict in the scholarship jacket?

The conflict is that Martha wants to get the Scholarship Jacket because she has gotten straight A's for as long as she could remember. However, the principal of the school says that she has to pay $15 to get the jacket or he will give the jacket to the runner up in the competition.

What is the climax of the scholarship jacket?

The Scholarship Jacket. The exposition of the story is a young girl named “Martha”, she lived in Texas. The rising action of the story is her wanting a “Scholarship Jacket”. The climax of the story is her eavesdropping on her teachers saying that students will have to pay for the jackets this year.

What is one theme of the story the scholarship jacket?

One theme that is recogized in this story is that you shouldn't have to pay for an award that you worked hard for or deserve. As said in the story “Then if you pay for it, Martha,its not a scholarship jacket anymore is it?”.

Who is the first person narrator in the scholarship jacket?

He is supportive of Martha's academic achievements. Who is the first-person narrator in ''The Scholarship Jacket''? Martha.

What was the change in policy regarding the award of the scholarship jacket?

The change in policy regarding the award of scholarship jacket was that the Boaed had decided to charge fifteen dollars from the receiver of scholarship jacket.

Who is the antagonist in the scholarship jacket?

The antagonist is Mr. Boone her math teacher.

What does Martha mean by rooted against the wall in paragraph 4?

What does Martha mean by "rooted" against the wall in paragraph 4? She is stuck or frozen in place, as if she were a tree with roots. She is so shocked by what she overhears that she can't move.