What is the salary of a line cook?

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The average salary for all line cooks is about $14 per hour. Experienced line cooks at high-end restaurants can earn up to $18.25 per hour. The awesome benefit of free meals is not included in your hourly wage. Many line cooks can eat for free during their shifts.

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Besides, how much should you pay a cook?

The bureau reports an average hourly wage of $11.25 for restaurant cooks, or $23,410 per year. Broken down by percentiles, the lowest-earning 25 percent were paid up to $8.96 per hour or $18,630 per year.

Secondly, what qualifications do you need to be a line cook? Line Cook qualifications and skills

  • 4+ years' cooking and kitchen administration experience.
  • High school diploma/GED required.
  • Ability to work on your feet for eight hours or more a day.
  • High level of professionalism.
  • Comfortable working with a team in a fast-paced kitchen environment.

Furthermore, what is the job of a line cook?

Line Cooks are in charge of prepping food and plating dishes according to a restaurant's menu specifications. Also known as a Prep Cook, they are assigned a specific place in the line, such as the grill or vegetable prep station. Duties include preparing food and maintaining sanitation standards.

Where do cooks get paid the most?

Detailed List Of Cook Salaries By State

Rank State Average Wage
1 Wyoming $30,580
2 Minnesota $32,810
3 Washington $34,230
4 Delaware $32,620

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What are the levels of cooks?

Kitchen Hierarchy - The Different Chef Titles Explained
  • Executive Chef (aka Group Chef) –
  • Head Chef (aka Executive Chef, Chef de Cuisine) -
  • Sous Chef (aka Second Chef) -
  • Chef de Partie (aka Station Chef, Line Chef, Line Cook) -
  • Commis Chef –
  • Kitchen Porter (aka Kitchen Assistant or Kitchenhand) -
  • Dishwasher (aka Escuelerie)

How much do cooks make per hour?

The average salary for all line cooks is about $14 per hour. Experienced line cooks at high-end restaurants can earn up to $18.25 per hour. The awesome benefit of free meals is not included in your hourly wage.

How much is the salary of a chief cook?

The average salary for "chief cook" ranges from approximately $12.19 per hour for Cook to $15.79 per hour for Director.

What do cooks do?

Cooks typically do the following: Ensure the freshness of food and ingredients. Weigh, measure, and mix ingredients according to recipes. Bake, grill, or fry meats, fish, vegetables, and other foods.

What education does a cook need?

While there are no postsecondary education requirements to work as a cook, many restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service establishments prefer that applicants have at least a high school diploma. Taking courses in math can help prospective cooks with measuring ingredients and calculating portions.

How much do line cooks at Olive Garden make?

How much does a Line Cook make at Olive Garden in the United States? Average Olive Garden Line Cook hourly pay in the United States is approximately $13.40, which meets the national average.

What is the difference between cook and line cook?

Short order cooks and line cooks both work in the food service industry. Short order cooks typically work in restaurants or coffee shops where food is made and served quickly, while line cooks work in larger restaurants and only cook one part of a meal.

What's the difference between a cook and a chief?

Equally, the title 'chef' derives from the French phrase Chef de Cuisine, literally meaning 'Chief of the Kitchen', whereas 'cook' usually refers to a more domestic setting, and historically means someone who was employed to prepare the food in a grand house.

What is difference between a chef and a cook?

A chef is technically a professional cook, someone who runs the kitchen of a restaurant or hotel. In a general, non-restaurant setting, a cook is anyone who prepares food; it has more of an amateur association than the word “chef,” simply because it implies the person doesn't cook professionally.

What are the duties of a Busser?

Bussers clean tables, taking plates, utensils and drinkware to the kitchen to be washed, make sure diners' water glasses are full, and reset tables for the next service. Bussers might help waiters and waitresses bring food out to a table, restock utensils, napkins and other dining room needs.

Is a line cook a chef?

Sous chefs and line cooks are important professionals within a kitchen who work together to prepare meals for guests at a restaurant. Sous chefs lead and supervise other cooks, while line cooks work at an assigned station within the kitchen.

What is barista job description?

Barista Job Responsibilities:
Promotes coffee consumption by educating customers; selling coffee and coffee grinding and brewing equipment, accessories, and supplies; preparing and serving a variety of coffee drinks, along with pastries and cookies.

How do I make a line cook resume?

1. Show the Right Skills
  1. Dedicated to quality: inspect and test all food before it is served.
  2. In-depth knowledge of food processing and safety.
  3. Multitasking: Ability to handle multiple tickets.
  4. Able to adhere to the precise instructions of the head chef.
  5. Time management.
  6. Maintain a clean and safe station.

What is a first cook job description?

Job Description. First Cook. Under the direction of the management team consisting of the Food & Beverage Manager and Executive Chef, the fundamental duties of the First Cook include responsibility for basic food preparation such as salads, sandwiches, pizzas to more complex tasks like roasting and banquet preparations

How do you describe line cook on a resume?

Line cooks are responsible for preparing food, both before and after cooking, in accordance with restaurant standards and recipe standards. The line cook, under the direction of the chef, sous chef, or kitchen manager, helps other kitchen workers maintain the utmost hygienic standards throughout the food service.

How long does it take to become a line cook?

Though many line cooks receive on-the-job training, some employers prefer job candidates who have completed a culinary arts apprenticeship or associate's degree program. Apprenticeships, which can last from six months to three years, include a minimum number of classroom hours in addition to hands-on experience.

Do you have to have experience to be a line cook?

A line cook is one of the more basic positions in the kitchen, the main task being food and ingredient preparation. College coursework is sometimes favored for this job, but many line cooks just have experience, and on-job training is provided.