What is the opposite of prequel?

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Prequel. Prequel is a term in drama and literature: it means the opposite of sequel. When a story is told in several stages, it is natural to tell it in order of time.

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Subsequently, one may also ask, what does prequel and sequel mean?

A prequel is a work that forms part of a backstory to the preceding work. All prequels are, by definition, essentially sequels in that they "expand on a previous or preceding work." The term "prequel" is a 20th-century neologism that is a portmanteau of the prefix "pre-" (from Latin prae, "before") and "sequel".

Secondly, what was the first prequel ever made? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) is probably the first notable film prequel.

Additionally, what is the difference between a prequel and a sequel?

The main difference between Sequel and Prequel is that the Sequel is a narrative that continues the story of previous work and Prequel is a literary, dramatic, or filmic work whose story precedes that of a previous work.

What comes after a prequel?

A sequel depicts actions that come AFTER the events shown in the original book or movie. A prequel depicts actions that came BEFORE the events in the original book or movie.

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What is a Midquel?

A midquel is a sequel which takes place during a chronology gap within a single previously completed work. For example, the Narnia book The Horse and His Boy takes place during the reign of the Pevensie children, which happens towards the end of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

What is a Sidequel?

Noun. sidequel (plural sidequels) A type of sequel which portrays events that occur at the same time as the original work, but with different characters in a different setting.

What is a threequel?

Noun. threequel (plural threequels) (narratology) The chronologically third part of any series of works, especially a movie trilogy.

What makes a good prequel?

Prequel stories should fit as smoothly as possible onto the existing material. That means you'll want to study said material as much as possible before releasing your prequel story. If something does need to be changed, make sure it's for a really good reason.

Should you watch a prequel first?

A prequel is a sequel specifically intended to be viewed after the original work. So, the correct order is 4, 5, 6, 1, 2, 3, 7, R1. Don't listen to anybody in this thread who suggests anything other than release order. To them, that's the way they'd watch it if they were to rewatch or marathon the whole series.

What is after a sequel?

AFTER A SEQUEL ” : AfterSEQUEL” , Which is NOUN , the PREPOSITION “ TO ” Comes . As Singular , it is SEQUEL . As Plural , it is SEQUELS . The Word “ Sequel ” denotes : A Book or a Film Which is a Sequel To an Earlier One Continues the Story of the Earlier One .

How long is a prequel?

The term "prequel" is fairly broad, with no specific length.
You can publish one or multiple prequels for your book. James Dashner published a full-length prequel for his hit Maze Runner series, while J.K. Rowling wrote a prequel to the Harry Potter series, a mere 800 words long!

Will there be a Game of Thrones prequel?

The new show will be a prequel entitled House of the Dragon. HBO ordered an initial 10-episode season, but there's no air date for the series yet — though HBO's president Casey Bloys told TV Line in January that “sometime in 2022” seemed likely.

What is a series of 9 movies called?

Coronals could be another term uses, such as Chronicles of Narnia. If the movies are not connected as a single story but a number of stand-alone films with the same characters, such as a 007 James Bond, you might say Anthology, Collection, Series, or Adventures.

How many is a sequel?

A sequel is a continuation or part two. The Empire Strikes Back and Toy Story 2 are sequels. Many successful movies have sequels.

What is a series of 6 movies called?

You can call a series of four films (or books) a tetrology or a quartet, a series of five a quintet or pentalogy (or maybe even quintology), but "sextet" seems to be the standard usage for a series of six. "Sextology" and "hextology" have apparently been used by some, but they do not appear to be widely-accepted words.

What comes after a trilogy?

As an alternative to "tetralogy", "quartet" is sometimes used, particularly for series of four books. The term "quadrilogy", using the Latin prefix quadri- instead of the Greek, and first recorded in 1865, has also been used for marketing the Alien movies.

What is a series of 2 movies called?

Here's some of it: 2 : Dilogy. 3 : Trilogy. 4: Tetralogy. 5 : Pentalogy.

What is the 3rd movie in a series called?

Threequel: the third (and often final) movie in a series. A third film that follows the original and the sequel.

Is Rogue one a prequel?

Star Wars: Rogue One prequel series is apparently shooting this year. Diego Luna says he's "getting ready" to work on the Disney Plus show. Diego Luna played Cassian Andor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and will reprise the role in the Disney Plus prequel series that he says is shooting in 2020.

What is it called when a movie has more than one?

An anthology film (also known as an omnibus film, package film, or portmanteau film) is a subgenre of films consisting of several different short films, often tied together by only a single theme, premise, or brief interlocking event (often a turning point). Sometimes each one is directed by a different director.