What is the Naics code for gas station?

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NAICS Code 447110 – Gasoline Stations with Convenience Stores. Definition of NAICS Code 447110: This industry comprises establishments engaged in retailing automotive fuels (e.g., diesel fuel, gasohol, gasoline) in combination with convenience store or food mart items.

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Also know, what is the Naics code for convenience store?

NAICS Code 445120 – Convenience Stores Definition of NAICS Code 445120: This industry comprises establishments known as convenience stores or food marts (except those with fuel pumps) primarily engaged in retailing a limited line of goods that generally includes milk, bread, soda, and snacks.

Secondly, what is the Naics code for grocery store? NAICS Code 445110 - Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores is a final level code of the “Retail Trade” Sector. There are 81,205 companies classified in this industry in the USA with an estimated employment of 2,690,541 people.

In this manner, what is my SIC code?

SIC Codes are based on Primary Business Activities. It is a much more general and less specific classification system than the newer NAICS Codes, especially at the official, 4-digit level. You should be looking for the code that best describes what your business does.

What is SIC code 7389?

SIC for "7389" Establishments primarily engaged in furnishing business services, not elsewhere classified, such as bondspersons, drafting services, lecture bureaus, notaries public, sign painting, speakers' bureaus, water softening services, and auctioneering services, on a commission or fee basis.

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Is SIC code same as Naics?

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four-digit codes used to identify an industry. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is gradually replacing the SIC system. The NAICS system uses six-digit codes to identify an industry.

How many SIC codes are there?

In the official U.S. Government SIC Code system, there are a total of 1,514 codes (included in the 2-digit, 3-digit, and 4-digit levels).

What is the SIC code for government?

Industry: 9199—General Government, Not Elsewhere Classified
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
91990000 General government, nec 446
919901 General government administration 5,948
91990100 General government administration 5,196
91990101 General accounting office, government 114

How do I find out what my Naics code is?

You can use the search feature at www.census.gov/naics. In the "2017 NAICS Search" box on the left side of that page, enter a keyword that describes your kind of business. A list of primary business activities containing that keyword and the corresponding NAICS codes will appear.

Are SIC codes still used?

While SIC codes are still used by some organizations and government agencies for non-statistical purposes, NAICS numbers are the standard for federal economic study applications.

What is a SIC code and where do I find it?

The SIC code system established standard categories for industry, which could be used by all government agencies. SIC codes are captured on U.S. Census Bureau reports, tax returns and government reports. The SIC code can be used to find specific business types and retrieve industry statistics.

How many Naics codes are there?

The NAICS code has 20 primary two-digit NAICS code classifications, often called sectors.

How big is the grocery industry?

The food retail industry comprises foods sold at food retailers such as grocery stores, mass merchandisers, drug stores, convenience stores and foodservice facilities. Total retail and food service sales in the United States amounted to about 5.75 trillion U.S. dollars in 2017.

What is the SIC code for grocery stores?

Industry: 5411—Grocery Stores
Codes Titles Total Marketable US Businesses
5411 Grocery Stores 142,589
541100 Grocery stores 40,241
54110000 Grocery stores 40,241
541101 Supermarkets 25,339

How many grocery stores are in the United States?

There are about 40,000 stores that sell grocery items in the United States.