What is the meaning of domestic use?

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Domestic use means those water uses common to a household, including washing, drinking, bathing, waste disposal, cooling and heating, domestic animals, and garden and landscape irrigation.

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Considering this, what is meant by domestic problems?

Fond of home life and household affairs. Tame or domesticated. Used of animals. Of or relating to a country's internal affairs: domestic issues such as tax rates and highway construction. Produced in or indigenous to a particular country: domestic oil; domestic wine.

Likewise, what does domestic mean for kids? Kids Definition of domestic 1 : relating to a household or a family domestic life. 2 : relating to, made in, or done in a person's own country The president spoke about both foreign and domestic issues. 3 : living with or under the care of human beings : tame domestic animals.

In respect to this, what is domestic life?

adjective. of or relating to the home, the household, household affairs, or the family: domestic pleasures. devoted to home life or household affairs. no longer wild; tame; domesticated: domestic animals. of or relating to one's own or a particular country as apart from other countries: domestic trade.

How do you use domestic in a sentence?

domestic Sentence Examples

  1. This is just a domestic disturbance.
  2. So far, wee Maria stood head and shoulders over any other domestic helper Bird Song had employed.
  3. Tell him I locked down all missile strikes on domestic territory.
  4. It was such a domestic scene.

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What is an example of a domestic policy issue?

Domestic policy covers a wide range of areas, including business, education, energy, healthcare, law enforcement, money and taxes, natural resources, social welfare, and personal rights and freedoms.

What is domestic happiness?

1 of or involving the home or family. 2 enjoying or accustomed to home or family life. 3 (of an animal) bred or kept by man as a pet or for purposes such as the supply of food. 4 of, produced in, or involving one's own country or a specific country. domestic and foreign affairs.

What is the synonym of domestic?

SYNONYMS. housewifely, domesticated, stay-at-home, home-loving, homely. 3'I only treat small domestic animals' SYNONYMS. domesticated, tame, pet, household, trained, not wild.

What does of mean?

The Meaning of OF
OF means "Old Fart" So now you know - OF means "Old Fart" - don't thank us. YW! What does OF mean?

What does domestic mean in business?

domestic business. Commercial activities conducted within a nation or a commercial entity that conducts economic transactions inside the borders of its home nation. A domestic business typically has the advantage of only having to deal with its local currency, customs, culture, regulations and tax system.

What does domestic use only mean?

Domestic use means that portion of metered water service, electricity, electrical current, natural, artificial or propane gas, wood, coal or home heating oil, and in any city not within a county, metered or unmetered water service, which an individual occupant of a residential premises uses for nonbusiness,

What is a domestic good?

So a domestic good is simply something that is produced and consumed within the same country. There are countless amounts of domestic goods in each country, so it is hard to only name a few.

Which is the closest antonym for the word domestic?

Antonyms for domestic
  • Antonyms: foreign. Definition: of concern to or concerning the affairs of other nations (other than your own)
  • Antonyms: undomestic. Definition: not domestic or related to home.
  • Antonyms: adopted, adoptive. Definition: acquired as your own by free choice.
  • Antonyms: untamed, wild.

What is domestic purpose?

Domestic purposes means drinking, bathing, washing of clothes and dishes, cooking, and other common household uses. Domestic purposes means food, social and ceremonial purposes, and does not include commercial sale.

What is domestic behavior?

Domestic violence is not physical violence alone. Domestic violence is any behavior the purpose of which is to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girl/boyfriend or intimate family member. Abuse is a learned behavior; it is not caused by anger, mental problems, drugs or alcohol, or other common excuses.

What are domestic activities?

Domestic work is work done in the home — a domestic is someone who works in a home, such as a nanny or a maid. Domestic is also used to refer to products that are produced in your country, or policies and affairs that relate to your country. And domestic animals, such as cats and dogs, are used to living with people.

What are domestic needs?

1 of or involving the home or family. 2 enjoying or accustomed to home or family life. 3 (of an animal) bred or kept by man as a pet or for purposes such as the supply of food. 4 of, produced in, or involving one's own country or a specific country. domestic and foreign affairs.

What is a domestic role?

Tasks performed inside a household in order to ensure that the basic needs of its members are met, such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of children or older adults and other dependent family members. See also: domestic division of labour.

What are domestic skills?

The Importance of “DomesticSkills. These household skills are now reserved for housewives, and are looked down upon. Although Google translates “domestic” as “of or relating to the running of a home or to family relations,” I view the word more as relating to living successfully on one's own.

What does domestic wife mean?

A housewife (also known as a homekeeper) is a woman whose work is running or managing her family's home—caring for her children; buying, cooking, and storing food for the family; buying goods that the family needs for everyday life; housekeeping, cleaning and maintaining the home; and making, buying and/or mending

What is the meaning of domestic housekeeping?

Domestic Housekeeping- refers to housekeeping maintenance in a house. It covers bedroom, kitchen, dining, receiving area, grounds and surrounding areas within the house. Institutional Housekeeping applies to housekeeping maintenance in commercial lodging establishments like hotels, resorts, inns and apartels.

What does domestic flight mean?

A domestic flight is a form of commercial flight within civil aviation where the departure and the arrival take place in the same country. Airports serving domestic flights only are known as domestic airports.