What is the Cisco command to show the router configuration?

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Cisco Router Show Commands
Requirement Cisco Command
View current configuration (DRAM) show running-config
View startup configuration (NVRAM) show startup-config
Show IOS file and flash space show flash
Shows all logs that the router has in its memory show log

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Likewise, how can I see the configuration of my Cisco router?

On Cisco Router/Switches:

  1. Type "terminal length 0" in privileged mode to set your terminal to display without any breaks.
  2. Type "show run" or "show start" to show the applicable config.
  3. To display the config without lengthy certificate data, use "show run brief ".

Secondly, what is the command to bring up the interface on a router? This state indicates that the shutdown command has been administered on the interface. To bring the interface up, use the no shutdown command under interface configuration mode.

Additionally, how do I configure a Cisco router?

Step-by-Step Configuration of Cisco Routers

  1. Step1: Configure Access Passwords.
  2. Step2: Configure a Router Hostname.
  3. Step3: Configure IP addresses for Router Interfaces.
  4. Step4: Configure Routing (Static or Dynamic)
  5. Step5: Save your configuration.
  6. Step 6 (optional): Configure NAT.
  7. Step 7 (optional): Configure DHCP.

What are the Cisco router commands?

Cisco Commands Cheat Sheet

Basic Configuration Commands
Command Purpose
show running-config interface interface slot/number An enable mode command to display the running configuration for a specific interface
show ip interface [type number] Displays the usability status of interfaces that are configured for IP

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What is show run command?

The show running-config command shows the router, switch, or firewall's current configuration. The running-configuration is the config that is in the router's memory. This command can be abbreviated sh run.

How do you restart a router?

Steps to Reboot a Router and Modem
  1. Unplug the router and the modem.
  2. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  3. Plug in the modem.
  4. Wait at least 60 seconds.
  5. Plug in the router.
  6. Wait at least 2 minutes.
  7. When the router and modem restart, test to see if the problem went away.

What are two characteristics of RAM on a Cisco device?

What are two characteristics of RAM on a Cisco device? (Choose two.)
  • RAM provides nonvolatile storage.
  • The configuration that is actively running on the device is stored in RAM.
  • The contents of RAM are lost during a power cycle.
  • RAM is a component in Cisco switches but not in Cisco routers.

How do I configure a Cisco switch?

How to configure Cisco switches – A step by step guide
  1. 1 Before We Begin: Know What Hardware You're Using and Download PuTTY.
  2. 2 Connect the Switch to PuTTY.
  3. 3 Enter Privileged EXEC Mode and Set a Hostname for the Switch.
  4. 4 Assign a Password to the Switch.
  5. 5 Configure Telnet and Console Access Passwords.
  6. 6 Configure IP Addresses With Telnet Access.

What do u mean by router?

A router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. A packet is typically forwarded from one router to another router through the networks that constitute an internetwork (e.g. the Internet) until it reaches its destination node.

What is ip route command?

ip route command is used in static routing protocol. it is define the route path of network ip address and subnet and gateway manually so it is used to provide the route information of router.

What is Cisco interface?

Interface Types Supported on Cisco Routers
Two types of interfaces are supported: physical and virtual interfaces. The types of physical interfaces on a device depend on its interface processors or port adapters. The virtual interfaces that Cisco routers and access servers support include subinterfaces and IP tunnels.

How do I configure a router?

Article SummaryX
  1. Connect the router to the modem.
  2. Connect the computer to the router.
  3. Go to the router's default IP address in a browser.
  4. Sign in with the default username and password.
  5. Open the Wireless settings.
  6. Name your network.
  7. Set an encryption type and passphrase.
  8. Save your changes.

What is default gateway IP?

Ad. In the networking world, a default gateway is an IP address that traffic gets sent to when it's bound for a destination outside the current network. On most home and small business networks—where you have a single router and several connected devices—the router's private IP address is the default gateway.

How do I configure my Cisco router?

  1. Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.
  2. Go to the Address bar and enter the IP Address of your router then press Enter. For example, 192.168.
  3. A new window prompts for a User name and Password. Type admin for User name and Password, since admin is the default user name password, and then click OK.

What is basic router configuration?

Basic Router Configuration. This chapter provides procedures for configuring the basic parameters of your Cisco router, including global parameter settings, routing protocols, interfaces, and command-line access. It also describes the default configuration on startup.

What is router configuration?

Configure a Router. Configure your router to make your network complete. You need to configure the router so that it can communicate with your network components. After accessing the router, and (optionally) entering its password, you see a Web page displayed. The Web page is really the router's configuration program.

What is basic routing?

Basic Routing Concepts and Protocols Explained. Routers use a routing protocol to know all the available paths of the network and to select the best and the fastest path to forward incoming packets. A routing protocol provides the following functionalities. Provide a virtual map of all paths of the network.

What is DHCP in networking?

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a protocol for assigning dynamic IP addresses to devices on a network. With dynamic addressing, a device can have a different IP address every time it connects to the network.

How do I configure my router IP address?

How to Change Router IP Address
  1. Enter your router's IP address into your favorite web browser.
  2. Log in with the default username and password.
  3. Click on Setup.
  4. Choose Network Settings.
  5. Type in the router's new IP address under Router Settings.
  6. Click on Save Setting.

What are three characteristics of an SVI?

What are three characteristics of an SVI? (Choose three.)
  • It is designed as a security protocol to protect switch ports.
  • It is not associated with any physical interface on a switch.
  • It is a special interface that allows connectivity by different types of media.
  • It is required to allow connectivity by any device at any location.

What is router CLI?

Most Cisco devices (including routers and switches) use a CLI (Command Line Interface) to configure the network device. The CLI is an interface, based on text. You type in configuration commands and use show commands to get the output from the router or switch.