What is Sara Evans name?

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Sara Lynn Evans

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Likewise, who are Sara Evans parents?

Patricia Boggs Mother Jack Evans Father

Additionally, who is Sara Evans father? Jack Evans

Similarly, why is Sara Evans famous?

Born to Fly turned out to be a huge success. It went double platinum and earned Evans her first CMA nomination for Album of the Year. She also won the award for Music Video of the Year for the title track. She also won the BMI Country Awards 50 Most Performed Country Songs Award for the same song.

How old is Sara Evans?

49 years (February 5, 1971)

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Who was Sara Evans married to?

Jay Barker
m. 2008
Craig Schelske
m. 1993–2007

What is Sara Evans worth?

Sara Evans net worth: Sara Evans is an American country singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $16 million. Sara Lynn Evans was born in Boonville, Missouri in February 1971.

Where is Sara Evans today?

Evans and her three children now live in Mountain Brook, Alabama, a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama, with Barker and his four children Andrew (1999), Braxton (2000), and twins Sarah Ashlee and Harrison (September 10, 2001).

Who is Sara Evans mother?

Patricia Boggs

Who is Sara Evans dating?

Dating History 2
# Partner End
2 Jay Barker present
1 Craig Schelske Sep 2007

Where is Sara Evans from?

Boonville, Missouri, United States

Has Sara Evans gained weight?

Evans decided to lose weight after her 30th birthday weekend in Las Vegas in September 2012. At the time she weighed 248 pounds. As the pounds fell off, Evans gained more confidence, posing for this photo before going to church in 2013.

Does Sara Evans have any children?

Avery Jack Schelske
Olivia Margaret Schelske
Audrey Elizabeth Schelske

Where did Sara Evans go to high school?

Central Methodist University

Is Sara Evans still performing?

Sara Evans tour dates 2020
Sara Evans is currently touring across 2 countries and has 23 upcoming concerts. Their next tour date is at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, after that they'll be at Florida Strawberry Festival Grounds in Plant City.

How tall is Sara Evans?

1.75 m

Is Sara Evans still married to Jay Barker?

In this April 14, 2008 file photo former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker and Sara Evans arrive at the 2008 CMT Awards in Nashville, Tenn. NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Sara Evans has married former University of Alabama quarterback Jay Barker. Barker, who also is divorced, has four children; Evans has three.

What was Sara Evans first song?

In 1998, Evans saw her first breakthrough hit with "No Place That Far," the title track off her sophomore album. The song itself is a beautiful piano ballad that features Evans' delicate vocals at the forefront as she sings of her greatest fear — waking up without her love near her.