What is NLS certificate?

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NLS Certificate is an international pollution prevention certificate. According to 33 CFR 151.05, NLS Certificate means an International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk issued under MARPOL 73/78.

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Thereof, what is a noxious liquid substance?

10 Noxious liquid substance means any substance indicated in the Pollution Category column of chapter 17 or 18 of the International Bulk Chemical Code or provisionally assessed under the provisions of regulation 6.3 as falling into category X, Y or Z.

Subsequently, question is, what is Certificate of Fitness for ships? A certificate issued by the flag administration confirming that the structure, equipment, fittings, arrangements and materials used in the construction of a chemical carrier are in compliance with the IMO IBC Code.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what are statutory certificates?

In these Regulations, statutory certificates mean the following certificates including those certificates of. compliance required under the Conventions, etc. to be kept on board the ships: (1) International Load Line Certificate. (2) Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate.

What is annex3?

Annex III of the MARPOL convention for regulating sea transports of harmful substances in packaged form. "Regulations for the Prevention of Pollution by Harmful Substances Carried by Sea in Packaged Form", that is the elaborate title of MARPOL annex III.

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Can we discharge sewage in port?

As mentioned earlier, ships are only allowed to discharge sewage in ports if they use an IMO-approved sewage treatment plant. Comminuted and disinfected sewage using an approved system must be discharged at a distance of more than 3nm from the nearest land.

Who is responsible for the garbage management plan on board?

A Responsible officer is to be in charge for maintaining garbage management plan on ship. Normally chief officer is responsible along with 2nd engineer (engine department).

What is Annex 2?

Annex II of the MARPOL convention for regulating international sea transports of chemicals. Basic principles of MARPOL annex II are: Safe containment of the noxious liquid substances, dilution of discharges and. limitation of discharges into the sea.

What are noxious chemicals?

"Noxious" often appears paired with the word chemical as in "noxious chemical". The term "noxious atmosphere" refers to a contaminated gaseous environment such as airborne asbestos particles or sulphur dioxide gas. The term noxious often appears in the phrase "noxious fumes", as well.

What product is considered a noxious liquid substance for regulatory purposes?

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what product is considered a noxious liquid substance for regulatory purposes? octanol
A shipboard oil pollution emergency plan is required of an oil tanker of 150 gross tons and above, or other ship of 400 gross tons and above

What is Marpol annex6?

MARPOL Annex VI regulates the emission to the atmosphere of specified pollutants from ships, including nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulphur oxides (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and heavy metals, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

What are the special areas under Marpol?

Special Areas in MARPOL 73/78
  • The Mediterranean sea area.
  • The Baltic sea area.
  • The Black sea area.
  • The Red sea area.
  • The Gulf area.
  • The Gulf of Aden area.
  • The Antarctic Area.
  • The North-West European Waters.

WHO issues IOPP Certificate?

(c) An IOPP Certificate is issued by a COTP, OCMI, or a classification society authorized under 46 CFR part 8, after a satisfactory survey in accordance with the provisions of § 151.17. (d) The Supplement to the IOPP Certificate is a part of the IOPP Certificate and must remain attached to that Certificate.

What is mandatory certificate?

Sailing a ship to the sea without any of these certificates will be like breaking the law. Mandatory certificates are mandatory for a particular trade or for some other reasons. For example "Certificate of financial responsibility" (COFR) is mandatory for the vessel trading in US.

What is classification certificate?

A certificate of classification is a document that specifies a building's classification and describes the way it can be used. If a building was built after 1 April 1976, it should have a certificate of classification with its building approval.

What is the difference between mandatory and statutory?

As adjectives the difference between statutory and mandatory
is that statutory is of, relating to, enacted or regulated by a statute while mandatory is obligatory; required or commanded by authority.

What is minimum safe manning certificate?

This certificate sets the minimum crew requirements and the ship managers can have any number of crew above the numbers mentioned in this certificate subject to the capacity of life saving appliances. You can read more about the minimum safe manning certificate and other statutory and mandatory certificate here.

WHO Issues International Tonnage Certificate?

An International Tonnage Certificate (1969) shall be issued to every ship, the gross and net tonnages of which have been determined in accordance with the present Convention. Such certificate shall be issued by the Administration or by any person or organization duly authorized by it.

What is a Solas certificate?

SOLAS Survey and Certification. The SOLAS convention specifies the safety requirements onboard vessels on international voyages towards construction, stability, machinery, electrical installations, fire safety, life-saving appliances, navigation, communications and carriage of cargoes.

Is class mandatory for ships?

If the ship is constructed as per the rules of classification societies, It is statutory for ship to have certificate of class that proves that ship is constructed that way. Ship can also be constructed as per the national standards of the flag state in which case class certificate would not be required.

What is the purpose of a classification society?

Classification Societies today
The purpose of a Classification Society is to provide classification and statutory services and assistance to the maritime industry and regulatory bodies as regards maritime safety and pollution prevention, based on the accumulation of maritime knowledge and technology.

What is COF in shipping?

COF stands for Cost of Freight
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