What is Ng include in AngularJS?

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The ng-include directive includes HTML from an external file. The included content will be included as childnodes of the specified element. The value of the ng-include attribute can also be an expression, returning a filename. By default, the included file must be located on the same domain as the document.

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Similarly, what is Ng include?

The primary purpose of the "ng-include directive" is used to fetch, compile and include an external HTML fragment in the main AngularJS application. This is the file which will be injected into our main application file using the ng-include directive.

Beside above, what is the template in AngularJS? In Angular, templates are the views with the HTML enriched by Angular elements like directive and attributes. Templates are used to display the information from the model and controller that a user sees in his browser. An angular templates can have Directive, HTML markup, CSS, Filters, Expressions and Form controls.

Hereof, what is NG model AngularJS?

ng-model is a directive in Angular. JS that represents models and its primary purpose is to bind the "view" to the "model". For example, suppose you wanted to present a simple page to the end user like the one shown below which asks the user to enter the "First name" and "Last name" in textboxes.

Can we write JavaScript in angular?

You need to execute a separate java-script function. For an angular application it is not a proper way to run javascript out of scope of angular. It will ensure that the external function exist before starting app. It will add more flexibility and control over the java script function in angular.

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What is the use of NG template?

ng-template is an Angular element used to render HTML templates. We use ng-template with angular *ngIf directive to display else template.

What does ng init do?

Ng-init directive is used to initialize a variable, which will allows evaluating an expression in given scope. According to angular official document, this directive is abused as it adds unnecessary business logic in the application.

What is Ng Transclude?

Transclude is a setting to tell angular to capture everything that is put inside the directive in the markup and use it somewhere(Where actually the ng-transclude is at) in the directive's template. Read more about this under Creating a Directive that Wraps Other Elements section on documentation of directives.

What is Ng controller in AngularJS?

AngularJS ng-controller Directive
The ng-controller directive adds a controller to your application. In the controller you can write code, and make functions and variables, which will be parts of an object, available inside the current HTML element. In AngularJS this object is called a scope.

What is Ng bind HTML?

The AngularJS ng-bind-html directive is used to bind content to an HTML element securely. It evaluates the expressions and inserts the resulting HTML into the element in a secure way. By default, the resulting HTML content will be sanitized using the $sanitize service.

What are services in AngularJS?

Services are JavaScript functions, which are responsible to perform only specific tasks. This makes them individual entities which are maintainable and testable. The controllers and filters can call them on requirement basis. Services are normally injected using the dependency injection mechanism of AngularJS.

What is routing in AngularJS?

In AngularJS, routing is what allows you to create Single Page Applications. AngularJS routes enable you to create different URLs for different content in your application. AngularJS routes allow one to show multiple contents depending on which route is chosen. A route is specified in the URL after the # sign.

What is $emit in AngularJS?

$emit. It dispatches an event name upwards through the scope hierarchy and notify to the registered $rootScope. Scope listeners. The event traverses upwards toward the root scope and calls all registered listeners along the way. The event will stop propagating if one of the listeners cancels it.

What is NgModule?

@NgModule takes a metadata object that describes how to compile a component's template and how to create an injector at runtime. It identifies the module's own components, directives, and pipes, making some of them public, through the exports property, so that external components can use them.

What is data NG model?

ngModel is a directive which binds input, select and textarea, and stores the required user value in a variable and we can use that variable whenever we require that value. It also is used during validations in a form. We can use ngModel with: input. text.

What is the NG in angular?

Ng stands for aNGular. NG is a core module, and this module contains all the directives that comes built in with the AngularJS library file. ng prefix on your own directives in order to avoid possible name collisions in future versions of Angular. All these directives have prefix 'ng'

What is angular model?

The model in an MVC-based application is generally responsible for modeling the data used in the view and handling user interactions such as clicking on buttons, scrolling, or causing other changes in the view. In basic examples, AngularJS uses the $scope object as the model.

What is Ng app in angular?

The ng-app Directive in AngularJS is used to define the root element of an AngularJS application. This directive automatically initializes the AngularJS application on page load. It can be used to load various modules in AngularJS Application.

What is the difference between ng model and Ng bind?

ngModel usually use for input tags for bind a variable that we can change variable from controller and html page but ngBind use for display a variable in html page and we can change variable just from controller and html just show variable.

Why is angular called Ng?

The prefix ng stands for "Angular;" all of the built-in directives that ship with Angular use that prefix. Similarly, it is recommended that you do not use the ng prefix on your own directives in order to avoid possible name collisions in future versions of Angular.

What is 2way binding?

Two-way binding means that any data-related changes affecting the model are immediately propagated to the matching view(s), and that any changes made in the view(s) (say, by the user) are immediately reflected in the underlying model. When app data changes, so does the UI, and conversely.

Who created AngularJS?

AngularJS was created, as a side project, in 2009 by two developers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. The two originally envisioned their project, GetAngular, to be an end-to-end tool that allowed web designers to interact with both the frontend and the backend.