What is Menophilia?

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Menophilia is the sexual arousal and attraction to a woman's menstrual cycle, aka, her period blood. Whilst there are fetishes out there where people have a sort of addiction to blood and tasting it, menophilia is specifically the blood of a woman on her period.

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Correspondingly, is it okay to lick period blood?

Menstrual fluids are just blood, uterine lining, and regular vaginal discharge. They're not toxic or pure evil. You can lick and suck away without actually getting all up in the vag, and if you're really worried some blood may make its way out, you can use a tampon while you do that.

Furthermore, what is Periodplay? Noun. period play (uncountable) Sexual intercourse during menstruation.

Similarly, it is asked, what is Red Wings sexually?

earn (one's) red wings to give oral sex to a woman on her period, for the first time. See more words with the same meaning: oral sex, 'go down on'.

Is there a period kink?

What I'm talking about guys who actively seek out women who are on their periods, in order to have sex with them, because it turns them on – it's their kink, their fetish. Menstruation is, well, gross. It can irreparably damage your upholstery. It is made of a substance that causes people to faint on sight.

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Do boys have periods?

Male menstruation is a term used colloquially for a type of bleeding in the urine or faeces, reported in some tropical countries. An anatomically intersex human who has a functioning menstruating womb but external sexual organs which are on the male side of ambiguous in form.

Why does my dog like period blood?

“When a woman is menstruating, I'm sure there are pheromones coming off.” Looking at it biologically, dogs have a special sensory receptor called the vomeronasal organ, or the Jacobson's organ. In humans and other mammals, apocrine glands secrete pheromones, which can relay a lot of information to dogs.

What is a rainbow kiss?

Rainbow kiss is a kiss between a female on her menstruation period, and the other person, usually male. After he performs oral sex on her, he gets blood in his mouth. Then she performs oral sex on him and gets sperm. Afterwards, they kiss and mix the mouth contents.

What does it mean for a man to get his Red Wings?

verb - intransitive
To have sex with a female during her period. When she was menstruating he had sex with her and got his redwings. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse.

Why is it called Red Wings?

They began as the Detroit Cougars in 1926, and changed to the Detroit Falcons in 1930. James Norris bought the club in 1932 and decided to rename the team to the Red Wings. This was a nod to the "Winged Wheelers" which was the nickname of the hockey club Norris played for in Montreal.

What are brown wings?

Brown Wings. Earned once an individual has indulged in botty sex and successfully completed Operation Hoop. aka: anal. Also known as a "Harley" (ie it's a hard uncomfortable ride) See also: Red Wings and Green Wings and Yellow Wings.

What do green wings mean?

Green: Performing oral sex on a woman infected with an STD. Purple: Performing oral sex on a dead woman.

Can a man get an infection from period blood?

2. Menstrual blood is 100% not harmful for the penis. It's 2015 and all that, but some people are genuinely still under the impression that period blood is 'impure' and carries infections that could spread if a guy gets in touch with it.

What does it mean to earn your wings?

Definition of get one's wings. chiefly US, informal. 1 : to officially become a pilot : to receive the license that allows one to fly an airplane, helicopter, etc. 2 : to gain experience in something He got his wings as a volunteer by doing work in a soup kitchen.

What are purple wings?

Purple W.I.N.G.S. Organization (PWs) 501 (c)(3) is a gender-based organization whose acronym stands for Women Inspiring Noble Girls Successfully. PWs work mainly with girls who are under-resourced (lack economic resources, family support, opportunities) and teens of color.

Is Irish setter made by Red Wing?

Irish Setter is a brand owned by Red Wing Shoes. The brand was first launched in the 1950's with their introduction of American made hunting boots. Irish Setter soon expanded to offer specialty work boots. Today, all Irish Setter boots are manufactured overseas.

What does period blood taste like?

Some people describe this as a metallic or penny-like flavor. Others have even called it a “battery” taste. A metallic taste may actually be more common in the days after menstruation, as trace amounts of blood may still be in and around the vagina. Blood naturally has a metallic taste because of its iron content.

Can you get pregnant on your period?

Share on Pinterest A person can get pregnant during their period, but it is unlikely. A person is most likely to become pregnant in the middle of their menstrual cycle, which is when the ovary releases an egg in a process called ovulation. Ovulation usually occurs 7–19 days after a person's period ends.

What is knife play in the bedroom?

Noun. knifeplay (uncountable) The act of fighting or cutting with a knife. (BDSM) A sexual practice involving the use of knives, daggers, or swords for physical and mental stimulation.