What is Jim Harbaugh's record at Michigan?

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Jim Harbaugh
Michigan Wolverines
Head coaching record
Regular season: NFL: 44–19–1 (.695) College: 103–40 (.720)
Postseason: NFL: 5–3 (.625) College: 2–5 (.286)
Career: NFL: 49–22–1 (.688) College: 105–45 (.700)

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Also to know is, what is Jim Harbaugh's record against Top 10 teams?

On Saturday night, the Michigan Wolverines will seek to do something they haven't done very often during Jim Harbaugh's five seasons as football coach: beat a top-10 opponent. The Wolverines have compiled a 41-15 record during Harbaugh's tenure, including a 29-10 mark in the Big Ten.

Also, how many bowl games has Jim Harbaugh won at Michigan? During his tenure with the Wolverines, Harbaugh has amassed a 47-17 record and has taken the program to a bowl in all five of his seasons in Ann Arbor. However, Michigan has only one bowl win since Harbaugh arrived—a 41-7 victory over the Florida Gators in the 2016 Citrus Bowl.

Also to know is, what is Jim Harbaugh's net worth?

His net worth amounts to approximately $16 million in early 2020, according to Celebrity Net Worth. That net worth will no doubt rise in the next few years, as Harbaugh signed a new contract in early 2019 to coach the Ravens, which will pay him $7 million annually through 2022.

How much does Jim Harbaugh make in 2019?

Jim Harbaugh remains one of the highest paid college football coaches in the country. Harbaugh, who is in his fifth season at Michigan, is slated to earn $7.504 million in 2019, checking in third on USA Today's annual database of head coaches' compensation released on Tuesday.

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How many times has Jim Harbaugh beat Michigan State?

Since 2016, under head coach Jim Harbaugh, Michigan has won three of four games.

Accomplishments by the two rivals.
Team Michigan Michigan State
Postseason bowl record 21–27 (0.438) 13–16 (0.448)
Rose Bowl appearances 20 5
Rose Bowl wins 8 4
Big Ten Championship Game appearances 0 3

When was the last time Michigan football won the Big Ten?

2004 marked the last time Michigan won or shared the Big Ten title.

Who was the highest paid player in the NFL?

Eli Manning, who has now retired after 16 seasons, is the highest-paid player in NFL history. The list is updated through the 2019 season.

How much does Jim Harbaugh make in a year?

Jim Harbaugh (football)
Harbaugh is set to make $7.5 million in 2018 after receiving a 10 percent raise on both his base salary of $500,000 and additional compensation of $4,500,000. The $7.5 million also includes $2 million in premium advances.

Who is the highest paid coach in college?

Check out the 25 highest-paid football coaches for the 2019-20 season, according to USA TODAY:
  1. Dabo Swinney — $9,315,600. Clemson's Dabo Swinney.
  2. Nick Saban — $8,857,000.
  3. Jim Harbaugh — $7,504,000.
  4. Jimbo Fisher — $7,500,000.
  5. Kirby Smart — $6,871,600.
  6. Gus Malzahn — $6,827,589.
  7. Tom Herman — $6,750,000.
  8. Jeff Brohm — $6,600,000.

What's Nick Saban's net worth?

Nick Saban Net Worth. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Nick Saban's net worth in 2018 was $45 million. After factoring in Saban's salary from the 2019 season, which was second only to Dabo Swinney in major college football, the Alabama Crimson Tide's leader is easily north of $50 million for his career.

What is Bill Belichick salary?

According to Kurt Badenhausen, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is the highest paid head coach in U.S. sports, making an annual salary of $12 million.

What is Dabo Swinney's net worth?

Dabo Swinney Net Worth As of 2019: $20 Million
Dabo Swinney's net worth is around $20 million. Now it's time to see how Swinney was able to make an extremely historic program like Clemson into a powerhouse that will stay at the top for years to come.

What is the net worth of Coach K?

With a net worth of $25 million, Mike Krzyzewski, aka Coach K, is an American retired basketball player and current basketball coach. His annual salary is estimated to be $4.7 million. He is a 4-time NCAA champion and has been honoured twice with “Basketball Times National Coach of the Year”.

How much do NFL coaches make?

When Lamonte started representing coaches in the late 1980s, beginning with Mike Holmgren who would go on to win a Super Bowl in Green Bay, the average NFL head coach's salary was $295,000. Today, head coaches pull in more than $6 million a year on average.

What is the net worth of Jim Kelly?

Jim Kelly's net worth is $20 million. Jim Kelly is an American Football Player. He was born on the 14th February 1960 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. In 2020, Jim Kelly net worth is $20 million (USD).

Has Michigan ever won a national championship?

Michigan Wolverines football. Michigan has won or shared 42 league titles, and, since the inception of the AP Poll in 1936, has finished in the top 10 a total of 38 times. The Wolverines claim 11 national championships, most recently that of the 1997 squad voted atop the final AP Poll.

Who won the most Big Ten titles in football?

Ohio State Buckeyes football

Who does Michigan have the most wins against in football?

The leaders in winning percentage of teams in the Division I Subdivisions (FBS and FCS) and Division II are the Michigan Wolverines, The Ohio State Buckeyes, and the Boise State Broncos (. 729), Yale Bulldogs (.

Teams ranked by total wins.
Rank 1
Team Michigan
Won 962
Lost 346
Tied 36

When did Michigan win the Rose Bowl?

Michigan State won the game, 24–20. The Bowl Championship Series format ended with the 2014 BCS National Championship Game, played at the Rose Bowl stadium on January 6.