What is Formula column in Oracle Reports?

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Formula Column in Oracle Reports. Formula Column: A formula column is a user-created column that gets its data from a PL/SQL function or expression, a SQL statement, or a combination of these. A formula column performs a user-defined computation on the data of one or more column(s), including placeholder columns.

Accordingly, what is summary column in Oracle Reports?

Summary Column: Summary columns are used for calculating summary information like sum, average etc,. on specific columns of a data group. This column uses a set of predefined oracle aggregate functions. Summary columns are generally preceded by CS_ to distinguish them from other columns.

Secondly, what is placeholder column in Oracle Reports with example? Place holder column is an empty container at design time which is used to hold some value in run time, they are like local/global variables which can be used in the logic of a formula column or in report triggers. Value in the place holder column can be directly accessible in the report layout.

Similarly, how do I create a formula column in Oracle Report Builder?

In Reports Builder, click the Data Model button in the toolbar to display the Data Model view of your report. Click the Formula Column tool in the tool palette, then click in the G_ORDER_ID group under ORDER_TOTAL to create a formula column.

What SQL term is used query data from more than one table?

To put it simply, the "Join" makes relational database systems "relational". Joins allow you to link data from two or more tables together into a single query result--from one single SELECT statement. A "Join" can be recognized in a SQL SELECT statement if it has more than one table after the FROM keyword.

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How do I add a column in report builder?

To insert a column in a selected data region
  1. Right-click a column handle where you want to insert a column, click Insert Column, and then click Left or Right. -- or --
  2. Right-click a cell in the data region where you want to insert a row, click Insert Column, and then click Left or Right.