What is Elena's greatest personal concern on this day?

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President Kennedy is assassinated. What is Elena's greatest personal concern on this day? She is concerned about her study date with Eugene at his house.

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Also question is, what are the main conflicts that Elena faces in the story?

The main conflict in the story is that Elena wants to fit in and not she just not able to. The reasons being are that even at home she not able to feel accepted because her parents are barely at home. The girls that her school makes her feel unwanted.

Subsequently, question is, what does Elena enjoy looking at from her window? Elena likes looking at the yard and the kitchen because they represent peace, family, and having one's own space to call home--unlike an apartment. She would like to have a kitchen table or yard so she can sit and read in a comfortable place rather than the fire escape of a big, ugly building.

Then, what do you think is the real reason that Eugene mother turns Elena away?

tenement in New Jersey and becomes friends with a southern white boy by the name of Eugene. She is turned away by Eugene's mother because Elena is Puerto Rican and not a southern white.

What does Elena learn in American history?

The personal lesson that Elena learned is that there are different levels of outsiders, and she would be considered beneath Eugene by his own family. For Elena, a personal heartbreak converges with a national crisis. She feels like an outsider, not an American. When she meets Eugene, she sees her chance at happiness.

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What is the conflict between Elenita and her mother?

Explanation: Elenita's mother does not care that Elenita is interested in the boy next door, and she is more concerned with protecting her daughter and urging her to protect her "morality" and "virtue". The conflict is caused by Elenita dressing in a way that goes against her mother's values.

How does Eugene's mother react to Elena's visit?

How does Eugene's mother react to Elena's visit? She is cruel and disrespectful. She thinks Elena is nothing but trouble for Eugene. She tells Elena to go away.

What attracts Elena to Eugene?

How does he respond to her? Elena is attracted to Eugene because he likes to read books, as she does. When Elena approaches him, Eugene smiles and blushes; he likes her, but he is shy.

What does Eugene's mom tell Elena at the end of the story?

Toward the end of “American History,” Eugene's mother tells Elena, “I am truly sorry if he told you you could come over. He cannot study with you.

How does Elena encounter prejudice in the story?

The ultimate portrayal of prejudice is exactly at the moment she meets Eugene's mother and is turned away for being living in El Building and not being white. When Eugene's mother says to herself "I don't know how you people do it," she seems to be referring to how they live in that building the way they do.

What is the climax of American history?

The climax of the story comes when Elena goes to Eugene's house to study. Elena's developed a crush on Eugene, and she sees this as a great opportunity to spend more time with him. Unfortunately, when Eugene's mom answers the door, she makes it clear that Elena will not be let inside the house.

What do Eugene and Elena have in common?

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Elena and Eugene share a love for books, but they also share the same feelings of alienation from society, their families, and their peers. In truth, both are lonely individuals. At school, Elena finds that she doesn't fit in among her school peers.

How does the narrator first become aware of Eugene?

The narrator became aware of Eugene when he and his family moved into the house that previously belonged to the old couple. How does the narrator first become aware of Eugene? The narrator likes him fit away because he sat down in the kitchen table and read for hours.

What is the theme of American history by Judith Ortiz Cofer?

The themes of American History by Judith Ortiz Cofer are cultural isolation and the effects of racism and xenophobia, signified in Elena's difficulty living in Patterson, New Jersey and how the attitudes of people around her affect her feelings about herself and the world.

What conflict does Elena experience concerning her own reaction to the president's death?

What conflict does Elena experience concerning her own reaction to the president's death? She feels guilt because her sorrow is for her personal loss, not her country's.

What is the setting of American history?

"American History" beings with a description of the narrator's neighborhood in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1963. The narrator, fourteen-year-old Elena, lives in what she refers to as a Puerto Rican tenement building called El Building. It is an old, rundown apartment building on a busy city corner.

When did Judith Ortiz Cofer write American history?

Why do you think Judith Ortiz Cofer decided to name her story "American History"? Judith Ortiz Cofer's title for her short story "American History" has a double meaning. First, the story is set on November 22, 1963, which is the day that President John F.