What is DECA mission statement?

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The organization's mission statement is DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. DECA prepares the next generation to be academically prepared, community-oriented, professionally responsible, experienced leaders.

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Herein, what are the 4 core values of Deca?

DECA's Core Values are Competence, Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation.

Secondly, what is the 2019/2020 DECA theme? DECA Direct DECA Announces the 2019-2020 Theme: Here We Go!

People also ask, what are the goals and principles of Deca?

So DECA set out to begin its rebranding process with four very distinct goals in mind: Create a new mission statement that reflects the changes in DECA's membership and career clusters. Create new guiding principles that align DECA's mission with educational initiatives and business and industry.

What are the 4 points of the DECA Diamond?

competence, innovation, integrity and teamwork. The official logo is the diamond, and DECA's official colors are blue and gold. DECA has chapters in all 50 states and in five countries.

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What is the DECA symbol?

Deca- (International spelling as used by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures; symbol: da) or deka- (American spelling) is a decimal unit prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of ten. The term is derived from the Greek déka (δέκα) meaning "ten".

What has Deca taught you?

For starters, DECA is a program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools and colleges around the globe. But it's so much more.

What is DECA images?

DECA Images is the one stop shop for everything your chapter needs, whether it's apparel, accessories, role-plays or practice exams. This year's DECA Images venue is better than ever, with new books and accessories to help you show your DECA spirit to best way possible.

What is the official Deca colors?

The official DECA colors are blue and gold. Blue suggests sincerity and genuineness.

How much does it cost to join DECA?

DECA Inc. membership dues are $8 USD per person (student, advisor, alumni and professional) plus appropriate chartered association dues. The list of dues is available and automatically appears for your chartered association in the online membership system.

What is DECA testing?

DECA's flagship evaluation process involves students in both a written component such as an exam or report and an interactive component with an industry professional serving as a judge. DECA's competitive events directly contribute to every student being college and career ready when they graduate from high school.

What is DECA direct?

DECA Direct. DECA Direct, the magazine, is the official membership magazine of DECA. It's published four times each academic year and is used as an instructional tool in many high school and college classrooms.

How did Deca start?

DECA was established in 1946 with a goal to encourage students to explore the art of marketing. Although acquiring business skills, students began to realize their lack in involvement in other clubs and extracurricular activities and so began the organization of Distributive Education Clubs.

What are the five membership divisions of Deca?

DIVISIONS OF DECA: High School Division, Delta Epsilon Chi Division, Collegiate Division, Alumni Division, and Professional Division.

What are DECA's guiding principles?

DECA prepares the next generation of leaders to be: Community Oriented: DECA members continually impact and improve their local and broader communities. Professionally Responsible: DECA members are poised professionals with ethics, integrity and high standards.

How do you win Deca?

Stay in character:
  1. Ask for a follow-up meeting.
  2. Indicate you will have your secretary call them back.
  3. Leave them a business card (from your scratch paper)
  4. Ask them to sign a contract to begin your efforts.
  5. End with a strong handshake.
  6. Do not talk or make any gestures until after you leave the room.

Where is Deca ICDC 2021?

April 23-28, 2021 – Anaheim, California. April 22-27, 2022 – Atlanta, Georgia. April 21-26, 2023 – Orlando, Florida.

What is the reason for Deca week?

DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

How do I prepare for a DECA competition?

Getting Started
  1. Study the performance indicators for your event. - A Student's Guide to Understanding Performance Indicators.
  2. Review the sample exam for your event.
  3. Review these sample role-play videos.
  4. Review the sample role-play for your event.
  5. Download the official DECA Compete App.

How do I choose a DECA event?

Here are five steps to help you find the event that is perfect for you.
  1. Choose Your Cluster. Most DECA events are one of four clusters: Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism, Finance, and Business Management and Administration.
  2. Written vs. Role-play.
  3. Consider Chapter Events.
  4. Ask an Officer.
  5. Personal Touch.

How do DECA competitions work?

But at the typical DECA competition, you'll arrive at the location and your advisor will check your school's chapter in. After that, you compete (in whatever order you have chosen) after competing you usually have a few hours of down time. I usually get food and hang out with my chapter members.