What is Burford famous for?

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The beautiful town of Burford on the river Windrush was the site of a fortified ford in Anglo-Saxon times. The town grew to be an important crossroads and very wealthy wool town and is today very popular with visitors.

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People also ask, what shops are there in Burford?

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  • Burford Garden Center. 124 reviews. #1 of 9 Shopping in Burford.
  • The Cotswold Cheese. 7 reviews.
  • W J Castle Farm Shop. 2 reviews.
  • Maggie White. 2 reviews.
  • Craft & Curious. 2 reviews.
  • Manfred Schotten Antiques. 2 reviews.
  • Madhatter Bookshop. 3 reviews.
  • Burford Antiques Centre. 1 review.

One may also ask, what county is Burford in? Oxfordshire

In respect to this, when was Burford built?


How many people live in Burford?

1,340 (2001)

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What is there to do in the Cotswolds?

The 27 Best Things to Do in the Cotswolds
  • Walk The Cotswold Way. This National Trail is a famous walk, offering over 100 miles of scenic strolls and panoramic views of the countryside.
  • Witness Lavender Season.
  • Visit Warwick Castle.
  • Visit Kingham.
  • Explore Sudeley Castle.
  • Ride the Gloucestershire Rail.
  • Visit the Cotswold Falconry.
  • Hunt for Antiques in Cirencester.

How far is Burford from Stratford upon Avon?

The distance between Stratford-upon-Avon and Burford is 27 miles. The road distance is 32.1 miles.

What is a Burford?

Burford Name Meaning. English: habitational name from places in Oxfordshire and Shropshire, so named with Old English burh 'stronghold', 'fortified manor' + ford 'ford'.

Who owns the Great House Burford?

In the mid to late 17th century the site was occupied by the Black Boy inn, owned in 1685 by the innholder, chandler, and burgess Thomas Castle (died 1690). The house was probably built sometime between 1695 and 1710 by Thomas's son John (1655--1727), a prosperous Burford physician prominent in town affairs.

How far is Burford from Oxford?

The distance between Burford and Oxford is 17 miles. The road distance is 20.1 miles.

What is the Cotswolds famous for?

Famous for quintessentially English market towns and villages built from honey-coloured stone, the Cotswolds are a range of gently rolling hills and the largest Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in England and Wales making them a perfect base for keen walkers and cyclists.