What is an Arclight?

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arclight. Noun. (plural arclights) A lamp that produces light by generating an electric arc across an enclosed gas.

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Simply so, what is special about ArcLight Cinemas?

ArcLight offers a Membership program unlike any other. Members get $1.00 off each ticket they purchase online. All money spent online and in the theater allows our members to accumulate points for purchases at the café, bar, gift shop, or for tickets.

Likewise, does ArcLight have IMAX? In November 2012, ArcLight opened its first location outside of Los Angeles County. If completed, it would have featured the first ArcLight IMAX screen. In January 2016, the first northeast location was announced for ArcLight Boston in Boston, Massachusetts.

Then, is ArcLight part of AMC?

Pacific Theatres is an American chain of movie theaters in the Los Angeles metropolitan area of California. Pacific Theatres is owned by The Decurion Corporation which also owns ArcLight Cinemas. In 2008 it sold locations in San Diego to Reading Cinemas.

Do ArcLight Theaters have reclining seats?

Among the various upgrades that the 350-theater AMC chain has made in recent years is to replace the seating in 70 theaters with recliners, including eight in the Chicago market, said spokesman Ryan Noonan. ArcLight does not have rumbling seats.

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Does Arclight serve alcohol?

You can now drink craft beer and wine during your movie at the Arclight Cinemas. You can now enjoy a glass of beer or wine during your movie at five out of the six Arclight Cinema locations in the Los Angeles area.

Does Arclight have alcohol?

Rather than downing a drink before seeing a movie at Arclight, you can now leisurely sip booze in the theater. Five of the six L.A.-area Arclight Cinemas now let you bring beer and wine from the theaters' concession stands, according to the L.A. Times, and soon, the Sherman Oaks location will be added to the mix.

Can you bring food into ArcLight?

Bag policy & prohibited items. All other bags are subject to search. We also do not permit skateboards, scooters, folding bikes, or any other item deemed to be a safety concern. Outside food and drink are also prohibited.

How much are ArcLight tickets?

Arclight Ticket Prices
Adult $14.50
Senior (60+) $12.50
Movies (ATMOS)
Children (ages 1-12) $10.50

Is ArcLight popcorn vegan?

Arclight has the usual consession food. Popcorn, non vegan hot dogs, candy and pretzels. Their "cafe" menu offers some vegan options.

Does ArcLight La Jolla have recliners?

After undergoing a major renovation in 2012, AMC La Jolla now rivals its competitor across town, Arclight La Jolla. Enjoy a movie with a brew or specialty cocktail in a comfy recliner. Reclining leather seats.

What is ArcLight widescreen?

ArcLight Cinemas offers select screenings in a Widescreen format, where the screen is approximately 20% larger than a typical showtime. These unique presentations are indicated on our website with the "WS" label.

Who owns Pacific?

The Decurion Corporation

Where can I see Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 70mm?

Hollywood — Tarantino's tribute to 1960s Los Angeles, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt as a TV actor and his stunt man, respectively — will play in 70mm at five very lucky theaters around North America. They are: Alamo Drafthouse New Mission, San Francisco, CA. Arclight Cinemas Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.

Did the hateful eight play at the Cinerama Dome?

The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood is currently booked to play Star Wars: The Force Awakens throughout the holiday season, but Tarantino says he and distributors The Weinstein Company had a verbal agreement with the picture house to book it for a 70mm run of The Hateful Eight, which opens in the US on Christmas Day.

Where is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood playing in 35mm?

Any bonafide Quentin Tarantino fan knows how the auteur wants you to see “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”: on celluloid.


What is an Atmos showing at Arclight?

Dolby® Atmos™ is an audio system that delivers a more realistic and dramatic sound field to the movie going audience. Filmmakers can precisely position sounds anywhere in the theater, creating audio that immerses the audience.

What is a 35mm showing?

35mm refers to the film stock it is projected on, the majority of our screenings are projected digitally but whenever we can we like to use our original 35mm projector to give what many consider to be the authentic cinema experience.

What is special about 70mm film?

70mm is a film format with frames that are larger in size and wider in aspect ratio than the standard 35mm film. "From an audience standpoint, it's a much crisper, brighter, and ideally more uniform and stable image," said McLaren.

How many seats are in the Cinerama Dome?

The Cinerama Dome is also often the site for major, star-studded movie premieres. Today, the Dome still seats over 800 guests per showing and has kept its historic loge seating, which has become a favorite for moviegoers over the years.

What is a dome theater?

—Fulldome.pro 360 dome theater is a new format of seeing and showing things, where a 360 VR immersive experience is not individualized, but actually, a shared social activity.