What is Actinomorphic flower?

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A actinomorphic flower is a type of flower that possesses radial symmetry. Any type of cut through the center will divide the flower into two equal parts. Also known as "star-shaped", “regular”, “radial” or a “polysymmetric” flower, actinomorphic flowers can be bisected at any point and have two identical halves.

Keeping this in view, what are Actinomorphic and Zygomorphic flowers?

Actinomorphic flowers are those which are bisected into two equal halves from any plane. e.g. Mustard flower. Zygomorphic flowers are those which are bisected into two equal halves from only one plane. e.g. Pea flower.

Also Know, what is Actinomorphic condition? -nō-môr′fĭk) Relating to a flower that can be divided into equal halves along any diameter; radially symmetrical. The flowers of the rose and tulip, for example, are actinomorphic.

Then, what is a Zygomorphic flower?

Definition of zygomorphic. of a flower. : having floral parts unequal in size or form so that the flower is capable of division into essentially symmetrical halves by only one longitudinal plane passing through the axis.

Is Hibiscus Actinomorphic or Zygomorphic?

Zygomorphic flowers have the symmetry in which the flowers can be divided into halves only through the division in one plane. The flowers of the plant Gulmohar are zygomorphic in nature. Canna, mustard, and hibiscus plants have flowers which are actinomorphic.

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What is Epipetalous stamen?

what is epipetalous stamen ? <>Epipetalous are those flowers in which the androecium (anther) is attached with the petals of the flower but since in some plants like Lily sepals and petals are the same which are called perianth and when anther is attached to perianth it called epiphyllous.

What is a Perigynous flower?

perigynous. adjective. Having sepals, petals, and stamens around the edge of a cuplike receptacle containing the ovary, as in flowers of the rose or cherry. Of or being perigynous flower parts: perigynous stamens.

Is Pea a Zygomorphic?

The Pea Family (Fabaceae) is the third largest family of flowering plants, with approximately 750 genera and over 19,000 known species. Botanists use the term zygomorphic when referring to a flower shaped like this that has two different sides.

Is Gulmohar Actinomorphic?

Gulmohar belongs to the family Leguminosae. It shows the papilionaceous type of the corolla that has unequal size of the petals. So, the flower cannot be divided into two equal halves in any plane. Such flowers are regular flowers and are called actinomorphic.

Is Chilli Zygomorphic?

Chilli is not a zygomorphic flower. Actually it is an actinomorphic flower. It is because the flowers of chilli plant can be separated into 2 equal or same halves by any plane that passes through by the centre. So, chilly is radially symmetrical and hence it is actinomorphic flower and not a zygomorphic flower.

What is a complete flower?

complete flower. A flower having all four floral parts: sepals, petals, stamens, and carpels. Compare incomplete flower. See also perfect flower.

What is a Hypogynous flower?

hypogynous. adjective. Having the floral parts, such as sepals, petals, and stamens, borne on the receptacle beneath the ovary.

Is cassia a Zygomorphic?

Cassia belongs to the family Fabaceae. The flowers in this plant are irregular because the floral organs differ in sizes. They show bilateral symmetry and so they are zygomorphic. Because of the irregularity, the corolla also has petals that differ from each other is sizes.

What is Hypogynous flower?

In hypogynous flowers, the perianth and stamens are attached to the receptacle below the gynoecium; the ovary is superior to these organs, and the remaining floral organs arise from below the point of origin of the carpel. …the pistil; such flowers are hypogynous (e.g., buttercup and magnolia).

What is difference between Zygomorphic and Actinomorphic?

The actinomorphic plants are radially symmetrical that is these can be bisected into two same halves in more than one plane whereas, the zygomorphic plants have bilaterally symmetrical flowers that is these flowers can be bisected into two halves in only one plane.

What is K in floral formula?

It is sometimes found convenient to describe a flower by a simple and concise formula known as the floral formula. In this formula K represents calyx, C=corolla, P= perianth, A=androccium, G=Gynoecium. The number of members of a whorl is written after the symbol for a whorl, ∞ signifies a large and indefinite number.

What is Pedicellate flower?

A flower with a stalk is called pedunculate or pedicellate; without a stalk, it is sessile. A loose, irregularly compound inflorescence with pedicellate flowers.

What is Bracteate flower?

Bract (hypsophyll) is a small leaf like structure on the peduncle which produces a flower in its axil. The floral buds are usually protected by the bracts. Flower with a bract is described as bracteate and the flower without a bract is known as ebracteate.

What is Polypetalous?

polypetalous Describing a flower in which the corolla consists of separate petals. Compare gamopetalous.

How do you draw a flower diagram?

The floral diagram is always drawn circular in outline. The different floral whorls are represented in concentric circles, the sepals on the outermost circle, then the petals, the stamens and carpels towards the inner side (Fig.

What are Epigynous flowers?

The position of ovary with respect to other floral organs is used in the classification of the flowers. The flower in which the ovary is inferior w.r.t other floral organs is called epigynous flower. A. Flower with inferior ovary is called epigynous.

Is Hibiscus Polypetalous or Gamopetalous?

Example: Hibiscus and periwinkle are gamosepalous flowers. Polypetalous: Flowers having free petals. Example: Rose and Camellia. Gamopetalous: Flowers have fused or united petals.