What is a Silverlight application?

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Microsoft Silverlight (or simply Silverlight) is a deprecated application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. A plugin for Silverlight is still available for some browsers.

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Herein, what is the use of Silverlight application?

Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications. Silverlight is a free plug-in, powered by the .NET framework and compatible with multiple browsers, devices and operating systems, bringing a new level of interactivity wherever the Web works.

One may also ask, do I really need Microsoft Silverlight? Silverlight hardly uses much disk space. Its not a requirement to have it installed, but as noted, some web pages utilize it for streaming multimedia content. I believe the last Olympics which MSNBC had exclusive rights to stream on the web, required Silverlight.

Besides, what is Silverlight used for and do I need it?

Launched in 2007, Silverlight is an application framework designed to run “rich” internet applications. Think of it as an alternative to Adobe Flash, which crams static and interactive media into “containers” that requires a “player” (plugin) to run.

What does Silverlight mean?

Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering media and rich interactive applications for the Web. The Silverlight browser plug-in is freely available for all major browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Apple'a Safari and Windows Internet Explorer running on the Macintosh or Microsoft Windows.

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Does Silverlight work in Chrome?

By default, Silverlight is no longer supported by Chrome. The Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface (yes Netscape, it's that old!) NPAPI is no longer supported by Google Chrome. However, it is still possible to use Silverlight in the Google Chrome web browser.

Should I delete Silverlight?

Silverlight: Most people have Microsoft's Silverlight plug-in installed for Netflix. If you're one of them, there's good news — in modern browsers, Netflix will just use HTML5 instead of Silverlight. So, if you still just have Silverlight installed for Netflix, you can go uninstall it now.

Why was Silverlight discontinued?

Mono Moonlight implementation. The Mono Team abandoned development of Moonlight, a free and open-source implementation of both the Silverlight 1 and 2 runtimes. Development was discontinued in 2012 due to the poor acceptance of Silverlight and the restrictions imposed by Microsoft.

Is Silverlight dead?

Microsoft Silverlight (or simply Silverlight) is a deprecated application framework for writing and running rich Internet applications, similar to Adobe Flash. Microsoft has set the support end date for Silverlight 5 to be October 2021. Microsoft announced the end of life of Silverlight 5 in 2012.

How do I get Silverlight?

Install & Enable Silverlight in Internet Explorer
  1. Press the Alt key on your keyboard.
  2. Click the Tools menu at the top of the browser window.
  3. Select Manage add-ons.
  4. Choose Toolbars and Extensions from Add-on Types.
  5. Select All Add-ons from the dropdown menu.
  6. Click on Microsoft Silverlight.
  7. If disabled, click Enable.

How can I tell if Silverlight is installed?

Type silverlight in your Start search box. If you see Microsoft Silverlight at the top, you had it installed. OR, Start button > All Programs > scroll down to find Microsoft Silverlight. You find it, you got it.

What is Microsoft Silverlight and can I uninstall it?

Removing Silverlight
For Windows users, the Silverlight removal procedure is very similar to that of Adobe Flash: open the Control Panel and select “Programs and Features” to view your list of applications. Select each of the applications that begin with “Microsoft Silverlight” and click Uninstall.

Do I need Flashplayer?

To make browser understand all this content we need a piece of software called Flash plugin. So if you want to play games on facebook , or watch videos on Hulu etc you need Flash plugin. But you don't need to worry about downloading flash. So their browser comes with built in Flash support.

Which programs can I uninstall?

5 Unnecessary Windows Programs You Can Uninstall
  • Java. Java is a runtime environment that enables access to rich media content, like web app and games, on certain websites.
  • QuickTime.
  • Microsoft Silverlight. Silverlight is another media framework, similar to Java.
  • CCleaner.
  • Windows 10 Bloatware.

How do I uninstall plugins?

Google Chrome:
  1. Click the menu icon "≡" at the top right of the browser window, choose More tools and choose Extensions to open the Extensions.
  2. Uncheck Enabled to disable an extension or lick the trash can icon next to the extension you want to delete.
  3. Click the Disable link under the plugin you want to disable.

What browsers still support Silverlight?

Silverlight works on all major OS's plus all major browsers, including Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and yes, Internet Explorer.

Is Silverlight a virus?

Silverlight is a Microsoft product that allows you to view video on certain websites much like Adobe Flash Player is required to watch most video online. It is not a virus but the notification you are receiving may indicate you have or had a infection of some sort that corrupted it.

What version of Silverlight do I have?

Holding down the Option key, right-click on Microsoft Silverlight and select Quick Look from the drop-down menu. A window will appear, detailing the version number of the installed Silverlight. This number should match the current version number stated on the website.

Is Silverlight included in Windows 10?

Microsoft Silverlight is an application framework developed by Microsoft and it was used to create rich Internet applications. Therefore, sites will continue to have Silverlight options in Windows 10. Also, in 2017, Microsoft updated Silverlight to support it on Windows mobile.

Do I need Microsoft Silverlight 2019?

Its not a requirement to have it installed, but, some web pages utilize it for streaming multimedia content. Silverlight is Microsoft's competitive answer to Adobe's Flash, the long-standing dominant standard for multimedia Web applications.

What is replacing Silverlight?

Now, to their rescue comes C#/XAML for HTML5 from Userware, which today announced its Silverlight-replacement project, also called CSHTML5, has reached release candidate status after a lengthy beta program.

What is Silverlight application in C#?

Silverlight is the new Microsoft technology on web platform for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) launched by Microsoft in 2007. Silverlight supports the display of high-definition video files, and sending them over the Net. Silverlight applications are delivered to a browser in a text-based markup language called XAML.