What is a senior dedication?

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As a senior parent, you may place a senior dedication (i.e., parent advertisement) into the yearbook. This is a great gift to your child in a book which will last a lifetime. You may include memories, baby pictures, special words of recognition or encouragement, etc.

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Considering this, what do you write on a senior dedication page?

To a Graduating Senior

  • You did it! Hope you're as proud of yourself as we are of you.
  • Someday you'll look back at these pages and think about the people and events that shaped your high school experience.
  • Goodbye high school!
  • Yes!
  • Greatest.

Also, what is a senior ad? Senior ads usually feature multiple photos. These can be senior portraits, childhood pics, candid shots that show off their favorite activities—whatever you like.

Also, what do you write to a graduating senior?

More formal

  • “Congratulations on your well-deserved success.”
  • “Warmest congratulations on your graduation.”
  • “Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!”
  • “So happy to share in the excitement of your graduation day, and so very proud of you, too!”
  • “With love and pride today and always,”

What should an 8th grade yearbook ad say?

  • Shayne: Congratulation! From all.
  • Wyatt, The years have. passed all too.
  • Kimber,
  • We are so proud of you. The things. you have accomplished are.
  • Allie-Gator, Congratulations! We are proud of you.
  • Punkin,
  • We are so proud of you. Keep up all of your hard work, it is going to get you far in life.
  • We Love You Always. andAlways,

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What should you sign in a yearbook?

Best Yearbook Quotes
  1. “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” -
  2. “If the opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” -
  3. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -
  4. “Dream as if you'll live forever.
  5. “Shoot for the moon.
  6. “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” -

What should a yearbook dedication say?

We are so proud of the person you have become. Keep reaching for the stars and may high school be your best years yet! We are so proud of your dedication and hard work. Continue to work hard, you will continue to achieve whatever you want to be.

What do you say in a graduation ad?

Use these as inspiration when writing your message for the big day.
  • Congratulations on graduating!
  • You are an achiever.
  • It must be a very proud moment for you.
  • As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do.
  • I believe you can fly!

What is a yearbook ad?

Yearbook ads are an opportunity for you to congratulate and recognize your student on a job well done. Have their yearbook ad personalized with childhood photos, quotes, and memories they will cherish forever.

What to say to a graduating daughter?

Graduation Wishes for Daughter
  • Today you're one step closer to freedom.
  • Once you were young and it was your first day of school.
  • It hasn't been easy but you're here and you're smiling!
  • The future is on your doorstep.
  • The world is your oyster.
  • I'm proud of my daughter for graduating.
  • Now it's time to party hard and have fun.

What do teachers write in student yearbooks?

How to write a comment in student yearbooks
  • Just be honest. If you had a great time teaching a student, let them know.
  • Leave a prediction for their future. Maybe you think they'll grow up to win a nobel prize or to be a captain of industry.
  • Draw a silly picture.
  • Write something they wouldn't expect.

What are good quotes for graduation?

Short Graduation Quotes
  • “Be bold, be courageous, be your best.”
  • “There is no script.
  • “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”
  • “Follow your fear.”
  • “If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.”
  • “Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.”
  • “We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

What every high school senior should know?

13 Things Every High School Student Should Know!
  • Arguing with teachers -- for any reason.
  • Caring what other people think of you.
  • Thinking you're clever for doing as little work possible for highest grade possible.
  • Not joining anything.
  • Starting to smoke.
  • Slacking off because you've got Senioritis.
  • Thinking it's funny to do dangerous things in your car.

What is a senior letter?

Senior letters are positive letters written to seniors. Letters are written by parents, family, teachers, and friends (anyone who would like to wish the senior well during this exciting time of his/her life). Senior letters can be written on notebook paper, colored paper, stationary, cards, etc.

What is a good Bible verse for graduation?

Suggested Bible Verses for Your Graduation
  1. 1 Thessalonians 5:24, NIV. "May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through
  2. 2 Corinthians 9:8, KJV. "And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that ye, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.”
  3. 2 Corinthians 9:8, NIV.

What do you say to a highschool graduate?

Advice for High School Graduates
  • Be nice to everyone, but choose your friends wisely. (Jeannine Phelan)
  • Be present and look toward the future. (Chelsea Dickan)
  • Focus on being a better you, not a better them.
  • Try new things at college!
  • Get involved during college!
  • You become what you think about.
  • Enjoy bittersweet moments.
  • Be willing to be vulnerable.

How do you write a congratulations note?

What to Write in a Congratulations Card
  1. Say congratulations! Begin your card by congratulating the recipient on their hard work and achievement.
  2. Write how proud you are and what you're proud of. Let the recipient know why you're proud of them and acknowledge their exact accomplishment.
  3. Send well wishes.
  4. End with a warm closing.

How much money should you give a high school graduate?

Thankfully, LoveToKnow may have the answer we're all looking for. They say "siblings of the graduate $15 to $30 is appropriate, while grandparents, aunts and uncles should give between $20 and $50. More distant relatives and family friends can give as little as $15 all the way up to $50."

What do you say to someone going off to college?

For a College Bound Student That's Your Friend
Here are some kind messages that you can send their way: (for a male friend) “Good luck as you go off to college dude! Wishing you lots of success as you begin your new journey!” (for a female friend) “Miss you like crazy already, but I hope that you'll have a great time!

What do you say when someone graduates from police academy?

Sample Police Academy Graduation Wishes:
It takes courage to serve, to protect, to keep our nation safe. Wishing you the best as you enter the service. You deserve to be proud.

How do I make a senior yearbook page?

With that in mind, here's how to make a yearbook page:
  1. Start with your book's master template or style guide.
  2. Set your page goals.
  3. Choose a template, or create a yearbook page layout, that works best for your goals.
  4. Add your content, like photos, captions, and headlines.
  5. Edit it, get feedback, proof it.

How do I make a yearbook at home?

If you'd like to learn more, read the list we created to help you design a memorable yearbook.
  1. Assemble Your Team.
  2. Set a Budget.
  3. Schedule Deadlines and Reminders.
  4. Make a Content Outline.
  5. Request Photo Submissions.
  6. Create a Template or Style Guide for Your Yearbook Pages.
  7. Design Your Yearbook Pages.
  8. Design Your Cover.