What is a pounce pattern?

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A “pounce pattern” is a method for transferring a design to a surface. It is the oldest way to reproduce a design, known to date. Before there was such a thing as carbon paper or a stencil, the only way to transfer a drawing or cartoon was with a pounce pattern.

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Likewise, what is pounce paper?

Pounce paper is a traditional solution for transferring text or artworks from one surface to another. Perfect for creating traditional graphic art.

Secondly, what is an electro pounce? Note: The Electro Pounce is a generator of Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), sometimes referred to as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Though not a problem in the vast majority of installations, in certain situations EMI from the Electro Pounce can be a nuisance.

Considering this, what is pounce powder made of?

Pounce is a fine powder, most often made from powdered cuttlefish bone, that was used both to dry ink and to sprinkle on a rough writing surface to make it smooth enough for writing.

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